FNB’s “Tap and PIN” ATMs are great – There is just one problem

FNB recently announced that it has begun rolling out “Tap and PIN” functionality at ATMs across the country.

This feature removes the need for customers to insert their card into an ATM, instead allowing them to tap their NFC-compatible bank card and enter their PIN to complete the transaction.

Compatible ATMs can be identified by the dedicated NFC tap point with the contactless symbol on it.

Contactless cards are becoming increasingly common, and solutions like this can play a major role in protecting customers from card skimmers or other tampering which could compromise their card details.

The bank said Tap and PIN is currently only available at 100 FNB ATMs, but it is expected to upgrade more machines during 2019.

FNB kindly provided MyBroadband with a list of compatible ATMs, and we stopped by one to try out the feature.

FNB Tap and Pin ATM

Tap and PIN ATM

We stopped by the Dely Road Spar in Newlands, Pretoria while we were in the area, and sought out the Tap and PIN-enabled FNB ATM.

While we did not have an FNB bank card, we assumed that the contactless functionality would be compatible with any NFC-enabled card.

FNB Tap and Pin ATM screen

After finding the ATM inside the store, we took out a Standard Bank contactless-enabled cheque card and tried to use it with the machine.

The ATM encourages users to tap their bank card on the NFC reader, after which they will need to enter their PIN to access their ATM banking interface.

Standard Bank Cheque Tap 1

We tapped our Standard Bank card on the reader, but found that it was not compatible – with the ATM displaying a message stating it could not read the card.

We did not have an FNB contactless bank card to test out, but a store employee said the feature worked perfectly with FNB cards.

FNB Tap and Pin ATM unsuccessfull

Other local banks do not offer this added ATM functionality at the moment, and the experience of testing the ATM made us slightly envious of FNB customers and their new Tap and PIN functionality.

Response from FNB

MyBroadband asked FNB about its support for contactless cards from other banks, along with the steps needed to implement this support.

FNB confirmed that the Tap and PIN functionality at its ATMs is only compatible with FNB contactless cards.

“The ATM Tap and PIN functionality is currently only available to FNB customers in possession of our contactless enabled debit or credit cards,” an FNB spokesperson told MyBroadband.

“However, we are committed to partnering with industry players to improve the acceptance and support of contactless transactions across the different channels.”

FNB added that it is open to working with other banks to facilitate transactions on their contactless cards at its Tap and PIN-enabled ATMs.

“We fully support the interoperability of banking infrastructure such as ATMs because it’s important to promoting access to financial services.”

“This is why we are willing to engage with industry players to ensure that all banking customers can enjoy access to our world-class infrastructure.”

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FNB’s “Tap and PIN” ATMs are great – There is just one problem