Discovery Bank problems – Credit card debit orders go haywire

Several Discovery Bank clients have had the full outstanding balances on their credit cards taken from their bank accounts via debit order, rather than the minimum amount.

One client who contacted MyBroadband with the story said this was the second time the bank had debited their entire outstanding balance.

In their particular case, it was a big problem because they did not have enough money in their bank account to pay the whole outstanding balance. This means their bank will return the debit as unpaid, potentially impacting their credit rating.

A Discovery Bank call centre agent apologised to the client and explained that they were experiencing a system error which affected almost 1,700 people. She said that the matter would be escalated immediately.

Discovery Bank did not confirm to MyBroadband how many clients were affected, but said that the number was very small.

Clients being reimbursed

“Debit orders for a very small number of Discovery Bank clients had defaulted to the full balance payment rather than minimum required payment,” a spokesperson for the bank told MyBroadband.

“This was identified and corrected. Clients affected are in the process of being reimbursed.”

News of this system error comes two weeks after Discovery Bank disclosed a security flaw that affected its credit cards.

The vulnerability let users make payments with Discovery Bank cards without knowing its card verification value (CVV) – the three digits printed on the back of the card.

Discovery stated that it detected the issue before it hit the media and immediately went about fixing it.

It said that it resolved the problem, and that it detected no fraud and that no clients incurred any losses as a result of the vulnerability.

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Discovery Bank problems – Credit card debit orders go haywire