Bank Zero’s new debit card – All the details

Bank Zero recently announced that it has gone live with its own patented debit card ahead of the official launch of the bank’s public operations in South Africa.

Following this launch, the bank will conduct rigorous security and system tests by simulating card attacks and testing card fraud detection.

After this process has completed, the final countdown to starting public operations will begin.

The bank said its patented debit card offers advanced security features to protect customers from theft and fraud.

A patent for the debit card filed by Bank Zero CEO Yatin Narsai details how the debit card plans to cut down on fraud and theft while maintaining modern payment features.

Multiple card numbers

Bank Zero’s debit card will have multiple card numbers for different payment types to cut down on the potential for fraudulent payments.

The card will have a standard card number printed on its surface which can be used for online payments, in addition to a separate card number stored in the magnetic stripe for physical purchases.

The patent also showed that a different card number could be stored in the EMV chip on the card, which would be used exclusively for payment systems which required it.

In this way, Bank Zero can prevent criminals from completing certain purchases with your credentials if they somehow manage to obtain them.

“Thus in one example, all of these three card numbers effectively identify a different card … the single card will have stored thereon three different credit card numbers,” the patent states.

“For example, the first card number could be a credit card number for magnetic swipes only, the second card number could be for online purchases only and the third card number could be for tap and dip purchases only.”

The patent also stated that these card numbers could be implemented in combination, for example – the first card number could be a credit card number, the second a debit card number for online purchases, and the third a private card number for tap purchases only.

The bank said this approach is called “lane processing” and will allow Bank Zero to process transactions based on the card implementation characteristics and improve authentication methods.


The drawing included with the patent is posted below, along with a brief summary of the labels.

  • 10 – Bank Zero Card
  • 12 – Alphanumeric card number 1
  • 14 – Magnetic stripe card number 2
  • 16 – EMV chip card number 3

Bank Zero debit card patent

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Bank Zero’s new debit card – All the details