Keep your slips if you want your eBucks

eBucks members who wish to benefit from the Engen Double-Up Fuel Promotion must keep their slips as proof of purchase if they plan on spending money at any other petrol station’s convenience store.

FNB confirmed this to MyBroadband after addressing multiple cases where FNB customers lost out on eBucks due to buying goods at convenience stores.

This follows an FNB customer previously reaching out to MyBroadband about a transaction which was incorrectly identified as a fuel purchase.

In his case, he was able to correct the problem after calling the eBucks helpline.

Double-Up requirements

According to the earn rules for eBucks, an FNB customer can receive double the amount of eBucks every quarter for filling up exclusively at Engen fuel stations.

Additionally, the customer must have a vehicle financed through Wesbank and have that vehicle loaded onto FNB’s >>nav app.

The FNB customer who previously reached out to MyBroadband met all the requirements for the quarter running from July to September, but he had spent an amount of R32.50 on his credit card for coffee at a Caltex Fresh Stop.

The eBucks system registered this payment as fuel spend due to how the point-of-sale system in the store had been set up.

The customer contacted the eBucks helpline and a consultant managed to escalate the issue.

Days later, the issue was resolved and the additional eBucks were allocated to the customer’s account without them having to provide any proof of purchase.

Additional complaint

Recently, another FNB client contacted MyBroadband about the same issue.

He said he met all the qualifying criteria and did not refuel at any station other than Engen during the applicable quarter.

He had spent more than R100 on several coffee purchases at a Caltex station, but unlike the first customer, he was not able to get back the additional eBucks he claimed he had qualified for.

After contacting the eBucks helpline to attempt to correct the matter, he was told he would have to provide the receipts for the coffee purchases to receive his eBucks.

As he had not kept the slips for those purchases, he could not dispute the transaction and did not receive additional eBucks.

FNB responds

FNB eBucks CEO Johan Moolman confirmed to MyBroadband that eBucks customers must keep their proof of payment for purchases from non-partner fuel stations’ shops.

“eBucks members should keep their purchase slips as proof of transactions when they buy goods at fuel retailers other than Engen,” Moolman said.

According to Moolman, the reason eBucks requires these slips is that FNB is unable to confirm whether a purchase at a non-partner store was wrongly identified.

“FNB and eBucks are unable to distinguish whether a transaction made at a convenience store was incorrectly captured as fuel or not. The point-of-sale devices are managed by the respective fuel merchants.”

“However, as we are made aware of affected fuel stations and devices, we will attempt to resolve the complaints and get the transactions classified correctly,” Moolman said.

Moolman explained how disputed purchases are assessed.

“The eBucks team uses the purchase slips provided by the member to review the transactions. We also track devices that are confirmed as being set up incorrectly and take these merchant devices into account when determining rewards.”

“eBucks will investigate each query on a case-by-case basis should customers feel that transactions were not processed correctly,” Moolman added.

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Keep your slips if you want your eBucks