Flood of complaints over slow FNB mobile banking app

FNB customers have reported sluggish performance and various other issues following the latest update to the bank’s Android app.

The bank launched a redesigned interface in early May and since this time many users have claimed they were experiencing slow in-app performance and navigation bugs, calling the update “annoying” and “irritating”.

The dissatisfaction has been particularly evident in the app’s review section on the Google Play Store, with hundreds of 1- and 2-star ratings being received over the last two months.

“The UI is super laggy, it will be doing one thing while it’s showing something else. Sometimes I click a button and nothing happens after a few seconds, so I click it again, but then the UI updates and thinks I’ve clicked on something else,” one customer said.

“It hangs, lags, cuts out, is jerky and ‘pale’,” another said.

One user said that he had to wait 10 to 30 seconds for most of the features to display.

“It is slow and nobody cares for animated fields. Get back to basics, get it to work properly, and then try the fancy stuff,” he stated.

Another customer said they now prefer logging into their banking via the browser as the app “takes forever to load” and its “responsiveness is terrible”.

Many FNB customers said they had better experiences with the previous version of the app.

“I should have written a review before but the app was functional and the bugs that were there didn’t frustrate me too much. Now since the update, the app is very unresponsive, taking 3, 4, or 5 presses on selection to do something and takes forever to load things like the page for the selected account,” one user said.

“Too much lag on the new app. Why FNB choose to fix something that was not broken, I do not know. I have been having many bad experiences with FNB lately. Secure chat is also not very helpful anymore,” another complained.

“The latest update really made this app extremely slow and it’s quite annoying when you quickly need to log in and transfer money. Please update this or change it back to how it was,” one user said.

Lacking account and transaction information

In addition to the performance issues, several customers complained about what account and transaction information they were able to view in the new app.

Users were frustrated by the layout of account balance information, which now prioritises the total available balance, which could include credit or overdraft facilities, rather than the customer’s actual cash balance.

The app has reversed the placement of these two amounts and now shows the available balance in bold and the actual balance in light grey.

“New account view is terrible. I would prefer to see my money than the bank’s money. The amount of credit I have is not the priority when looking at account balance. The old version was way better,” one user said.

“New update is useless, cannot see any transactions history so what’s the point of having a banking app? No other option available for detailed balance either, so what was the point of the update other than to look different?” another said.

One user said the app was not accessible to the visually impaired, with the Android TalkBack feature not giving feedback on selected items, making it impossible for these users to know what they are doing on the app.

FNB responds

MyBroadband asked FNB whether it was aware of the customer complaints and if it was working to address reported issues with the app.

FNB Head of Digital Banking Giuseppe Virgillito said the bank can confirm all services on its banking app remain available to customers.

“Customers are welcome to contact the bank directly should they experience any isolated difficulties,” Virgillito stated.

He did not address criticism of the design changes or slow performance, but he said that FNB is committed to providing its customers with the best digital banking experience.

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Flood of complaints over slow FNB mobile banking app