Easy ways to move up to eBucks Level 5

FNB Premier customers do not have to burn a hole in their pocket, take out numerous home loans, or invest hundreds of thousands of rand to maximise their earning potential on the bank’s eBucks rewards programme.

Banking customers often complain that these types of requirements to make a rewards programme worthwhile exceed its potential benefits.

However, for FNB customers, a few adjustments to monthly spending and banking habits can quickly take you from rewards level 1 to level 5.

Your rewards level determines what portion of expenses an FNB Premier customer earns back in eBucks when spending at the bank’s partners.

Clients must use certain products or features on the FNB app to move up a level.

Meeting specific criteria gives you points that are combined to determine your level.

The points needed for each Rewards Level are as follows:

  • Level 1: 0 — 3,999
  • Level 2: 4,000 — 7,499
  • Level 3: 7,500 — 8,999
  • Level 4: 9,000 — 10,999
  • Level 5: 11,000+

We’ve looked at the criteria to earn points and listed those that would give you enough to go up to Level 5 without incurring high costs on FNB’s products.

The majority of these require that the customer access or use certain value-added app-focused or digital features, such as the virtual card.

The table below shows the criteria that can get you to Level 5.

Easy criteria to meet to get to eBucks Level 5 
Requirement Description Points
No spending required
Set up at least three nav>>Money Smart budget categories and access the Smart budget section every month
  • Go into the “nav-igate life” tab and choose nav>>Money to set three Smart budgets.
  • View this section at least once per month.
  • You don’t have to be within budget to get the points.
View the “Track My Rewards” tab in the mobile app
  • Open the “Track My Rewards” section in the mobile app at least once a month.
Search for a house on nav >> Home
  • Go into the nav-igate life tab, select nav>>Home, and search for a house once a quarter.
Requires little spending
Pay streaming and online platforms with virtual card
  • Perform at least four transactions per month from any of the following platforms using a virtual card: Checkers Sixty60, Netflix, Showmax, Uber, UberEats, Mr D Food, Microsoft, Xbox, PlayStation, Google Play Store, YouTube, Bolt, SweepSouth, Audible, Spotify
  • Every transaction will count, which means you can use a service more than once.
  • Using a non-virtual card will only give you half the points.
Use virtual card with FNB Pay/Samsung Pay/Apple Pay/Garmin Pay/Fitbit Pay
  • Create a virtual card and enable it on FNB Pay in the app.
  • You can also link the card to Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay
  • Each transaction made using any of these platforms will count towards the requirement.
  • Using a non-virtual card will only give you half the points.
  • Make sure money withdrawn from tills is more than from ATMs or branches.
  • Also counts if you don’t withdraw any cash during the month.
  • eWallet transactions to your own cell number will count as an ATM withdrawal.
Save R1,250 each month
  • Put R1,250 into a Savings or Investment account every month.
  • Excludes FNB Tax-Free Cash Deposit Accounts, FNB Share Saver, FN Share Builder, FNB Share Investor, FNB Local Trader
FNB Connect SIM spend
  • Spend R200 or more on FNB Connect airtime, data, minutes, or SMSs
Use the FNB app for six transactions
  • Perform six transactions using the FNB app, including prepaid, electricity, lottery, or payments to other people.
  • FNB Pay transactions don’t count.
Requires a credit card
Set up auto-payment on FNB Premier Credit Card
  • Have a monthly payment go off on your Premier credit card. Can be for full amount, minimum amount, or set amount.
  • Will still count even if no money is owed.
Mostly spend using your credit card
  • Use your credit card for between 75% to 100% of in-store and online spend.
  • Will include virtual card spending linked to the credit card.
FNB Fusion account
  • Have an active FNB Fusion Premier Account with a credit limit and an active FNB Fusion Premier card.
Total 12,000

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Easy ways to move up to eBucks Level 5