How to hit eBucks Reward Level 5 under new rules — without spending an extra cent

With the recent changes to FNB’s eBucks rules, it is possible to reach the rewards programme’s highest earning level without spending an extra cent on FNB or third-party products.

FNB revises its eBucks programme’s earn rules and rewards on an annual basis.

The latest amendments to the programme kick in from 1 August 2023 and will be valid until 31 July 2024.

eBucks’ long list of well-known partners has made it one of the most sought-after and highly-used banking rewards programmes.

eBucks CEO Johan Moolman recently told MyBroadband that 90–95% of eBucks was spent within a month of being allocated to FNB clients.

In the 23 years since launching, eBucks has allocated over R20 billion in rewards, around a fifth of which was paid out in the last two years.

eBucks can be spent at over 32 physical and online stores — including FNB’s own eBucks and Travel shops, and third-party grocery stores, clothing outlets, and other

These include Shoprite Checkers, Clicks, iStore, Takealot, Superbalist, Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki, Mr D, Netflorist, and OneDayOnly.

The eBucks earn rate is determined by a user’s Reward Level, which tops out at Level 5.

For Premier customers, Reward Level 5 includes the following:

  • 15% back on Shoprite Checkers spend (including Sixty60)
  • R4.00 per litre back on Engen fuel purchases (R8.00 per litre with Wesbank car financing and insurance)
  • 15% back on Clicks spend
  • 15% back on iStore spend
  • 2% back on in-store and online purchases from other eBucks partners
  • 40% back on Netflix and Spotify subscriptions (with family account with at least two members)
  • 100% back on GuardMe subscription
  • 15% back on Arc Store
  • Up to R600 per month back for all online and in-store spending using a virtual card
  • 15% back on FNB short-term comprehensive insurance
  • Up to 40% back on FNB Life Insurance products
  • 50% on FNB Foreign Exchange fees

The good news for eBucks users in the new rules is a decrease in the points needed to qualify for each Reward Level.

For example, on Premier accounts. Reward Level 1 is the default and applies to customers with 0-3,999 points.

Moving up to Reward Level 2 now requires 4,000 points, 1,500 fewer than before.

Reward Level 3 needs 7,000 points, 3,000 fewer than before, and Reward Level 4 requires 10,000 points, 2,500 fewer than before.

The minimum points for the maximum Reward Level 5 have also been reduced by 3,000 — dropping from 14,000 to 11,000.

However, although the thresholds for each level have gone down, the qualifying criteria have also changed.

That means that some actions which previously contributed several thousand ranking points have been scrapped or had their points significantly lowered.

The table below shows how a customer who was on eBucks Reward Level 5 with the existing rules will be affected by only these changes.

Old eBucks Level 5 criteria vs new eBucks Level 5 criteria — Actual Premier Current customer
Previous requirement met Points Change/New requirement New points
Have a minimum monthly deposit (excluding inter-account transfers) into your FNB Premier Account of R13,500 or do at least 10 debit transactions per month 2,000 Minimum monthly deposit increased to R19,500 2,000
Set up at least three nav>>Money Smart budget categories and access the Smart budget section every month 1,000 Also requires checking Credit Account Status or My Net Worth monthly, or only half the points will be awarded.  1 action:
2+ actions:
View the “Track My Rewards” tab in the mobile app 500 Same as before 1,000
Search for a house on nav >> Home each quarter 500 Same as before 500
Pay for four streaming and online platforms with virtual card 2,000 Use your Virtual Card for 80% of your qualifying online spend in a calendar month. 2,000
Use virtual card with FNB Pay/Samsung Pay/Apple Pay/Garmin Pay/Fitbit Pay on at least two transactions 1,000 Use your Virtual Card for 80% of your qualifying in-store spend in a calendar month. 1,000
Cash@Till 1,000 Scrapped 0
Save R1,250 each month 500 Same as before 500
FNB Connect SIM spend of R200 or more 500 Same as before 500
Do at least six transactions via the FNB app 2,000 Same as before 500
Set up auto-payment on FNB Premier Credit Card 1,000 Scrapped 0
Mostly spend using your credit card 1,000 Scrapped 0
View your Smart budget every month and maintain a healthy credit status on Nav>>Money
Dark Green — 2,000 points
Light Green — 1,500 points
Amber — 1,000 points
1,500 Points for amber status scrapped. Light Green and Dark Green points reduced by 1,000 points. Light Green: 500
Dark Green:
Total 14,500
(Level 5)
(Level 4)

From the above, it would appear that FNB had made it more difficult for this particular customer to reach the highest reward level.

However, further scrutiny of the new criteria showed that it was actually easier to reach Level 5 than before.

That is because there are many new criteria to help the same customer get to Level 5 again, while spending less than he previously did.

FNB will give customers 1,000 Reward Level points for simply logging into or using two partner platforms.

Two of these — eBucks Games and BiB — don’t require the user to pay anything, either, while using Entertainer once a month will give users a discount on food or drinks at a restaurant, or an entertainment experience.

The table below summarises the Reward Level criteria that we believe are the easiest for a Premier customer to achieve without incurring additional monthly costs.

Easiest way to reach eBucks Reward Level 5
Rule Easiest ways to achieve Reward Level points earned
Have a minimum monthly deposit (excluding inter-account transfers) of R19,500 paid into your account every month
  • Have your salary paid into your FNB Premier debit account.
  • If your salary is lower, have a friend or family member transfer money to you to go over R19,500 and pay them back immediately each month.
Set up 3 Smart budget categories and access your Smart budget every month
OR engage with My Net Worth monthly
OR engage your Credit Status monthly
Do two out of the following three:

  • Set up three Smart Budget categories under Nav>>Money and open the feature once a month.
  • Open My Net Worth under Nav>>Money or money panel in FNB Accounts page once a month.
  • Open Credit status under FNB Accounts page
Do at least 6 financial transactions per month via the FNB App.
  • Use the FNB app’s FNB Pay Tap, Scan, or Checkout when transacting or link your virtual card to Apple Pay Fitbit Pay, Garmin. Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or SwatchPay on your smartphone or smartwatch and use your device to pay.
  • Whenever possible, pay using the FNB Pay app or your linked digital wallet payment device.
View the “Track my rewards” tab on the FNB App every month
  • At any time during the month, go to “eBucks” section in the FNB app, select “Earn”, and then “Track my rewards”.
Have an FNB Fusion account with a credit limit and active card.
  • If you have a regular FNB Premier current account, switch to Fusion. The credit card fee is included with the account.
Use your Virtual Card for 80% of your qualifying online spend in a calendar month.
  • When shopping online, only use your virtual card details. Virtual card setup is free and you can use different cards for different services.
Use your Virtual Card for 80% of your qualifying in-store spend in a calendar month.
  • For in-person shopping, use FNB Pay in the FNB app or link your virtual card to Apple Pay Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or SwatchPay on your smartphone or smartwatch and use your device to pay.
Register a profile and use* at least 1 of the following eBucks partners on the FNB App: Udemy, eBucks Games, Extramarks, BiB and/or the ENTERTAINER.
  • Log in to eBucks Games on a computer browser once a month.
  • Open BiB on the FNB app at least once a month.
Total 11,000
Additional options (might incur costs or more effort)
Maintain a healthy Credit status on nav» Money with a Green status Meet the majority of these requirements:

  • Don’t fall behind on credit payments
  • Don’t miss debit orders
  • Limit your credit usage
  • Have adequate savings on hand
  • Establish a proven credit track record with FNB credit accounts open for more than 24 months
  • Remain an FNB customer over the long term
Light green: 500
Dark green: 1,000
Pay at least 2 bills using the FNB Pay Bills functionality on the FNB App every month (these include bills such as utilities, DStv and insurance)
  • Load your utilities, DStv, or insurance bills on the facility
Grow your FNB Savings OR Investment Account(s) by at least R1,250 per month. Interest, profit and other returns are excluded.
Double points if you grow both your Savings AND Investment Account(s) by a minimum of R1,250 each, per month.
  • Deposit R1,250 into your Savings Account each month
  • Deposit R1,250 into your Investment Account each month
500 for one
1,000 for both
Make at least 3 real-time payments every month. Use the Instant Payment and/or PayShap option under the Pay tab on the FNB App. Minimum transaction amount of R100 or more is required.
  • For no additional cost, pay to another FNB account over three payments
  • That account holder can meet the same criteria by paying the money back to you over three payments
Have a monthly spend on your FNB Connect SIM card of R200 or more.
  • Get an FNB Connect SIM card and load it with R200 airtime each month
  • Assuming you use that airtime for your regular voice, data, and SMS bundles instead of a contract, there is effectively no additional cost.
R200+ : 500
R400+: 1,000
R700+: 1,500
Potential additional points Min: 3,500
Max: 5,500

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How to hit eBucks Reward Level 5 under new rules — without spending an extra cent