New FNB website: complaints and compliments

FNB recently revamped its online banking website, a change which the company said will cater for all devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets. However, the move has been met with widespread criticism from FNB customers (New FNB website discussion here).

The new FNB website has been dogged with problems, which include the unavailability of services, inaccurate balances of zero shown and navigation challenges.

While the responsive design of the FNB website was widely complimented, problems with the functionality dominated online discussions.

FNB CEO Michael Jordaan’s twitter message may sum the situation up accurately: “Long day ahead for developers/ testers as new FNB Online going live. Culmination of 2 years’ work.”

New FNB website complaints

“Looks like they busy working on the site – I can’t login to internet banking at the moment,” said one FNB customer.

”I can login but certain things are not working,” said another user. “I can’t change transaction limits or change my online banking passwords either. The pop ups aren’t working”.

FNB online banking errors
FNB online banking errors

Many FNB users are complaining that their balances inaccurately show as zero.

“All of my accounts are reflecting a null balance and missing many tabs that were there a few hours ago,” one user highlighted. “My smart device has been paid off apparently,” said another.

FNB zero balance problem
FNB zero balance problem

Navigation and design challenges

There was also no shortage of complaints about the new design and navigation on channels like Twitter and MyBroadband.

“New FNB website is the worst UX I’ve seen in a while. It’s like first year design college stuff,” said Twitter user Sean Park-Ross.

”The new #FNB UX is terrible. Search doesn’t work, products are loading. Mobile is even worse,” said Joe Diedericks.

“The new FNB website: a lesson in ‘if ain’t broke, don’t fix it’,” Nakkiran Sunassee said on Twitter.

Some FNB customers complained about the new navigation system, saying that they find it challenging to locate certain sections.

“I cannot seem to find the “rewards” section,” said one user. “I cannot find many previous links, like the Lotto and Prepaid services,” said another.

FNB website redesign compliments

New FNB website home page
New FNB website home page

While there were numerous complaints regarding the FNB website revamp, many customers complimented the new design.

“Using the new interface now, looks pretty cool,” an FNB customer said on the MyBroadband forum.

“Looks very nice but I’m not too fond of the primary font they are using. Maybe I just need to get used to it,” said another user.

“Loving the new #FNB #OnlineBanking – quick, simple navigation, great UX – sweet job done by the team,” Katherine Stott said on Twitter.

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New FNB website: complaints and compliments