Someone spent R376,000 in one Takealot order on Black Friday

Takealot has revealed the top-selling products and brands on its online store for Black Friday 2023, as well as the single biggest transaction value and highest number of orders by a single customer.

South Africa’s biggest online retailer said it had another record-breaking Black Friday this year.

Among the biggest growth drivers was “ALOT for Less”, Takealot’s bulk shopping proposition, which saw a 65% jump in sales by units over last year.

Takealot shoppers were particularly focused on groceries and essential household items, indicating the appetite for luxury goods was lower due to increased economic pressure.

Monthly essentials, beauty, sport and large appliances saw the biggest sales growth year-on-year.

The top-selling product by units during Black Friday 2023 was a 24-pack of 300ml Coca-Cola cans, followed by 18-pack Baby Soft 2-ply toilet rolls and Klipdrift Premium Brandy.

Only two tech products featured in the top 10 by units — the 4th-placed Xiaomi 4K Ultra HD TV Media Player and 9th-placed Hisense A6K TV.

Nonetheless, the sales of these devices are impressive, considering that they were competing with much lower-value products.

For example, the Xiaomi media box was selling for R899 during the promotion but sold more units than the Finish Dishwashing Tablets 100-pack, which cost R249 on the Takealot app.

The top 10 products sold on Takealot by units for Black Friday 2023 were as follows:

  1. Coca-Cola 24-pack x 300ml cans
  2. Baby Soft 18-pack 2-ply toilet rolls
  3. Klipdrift Premium Brandy
  4. Xiaomi 4K Ultra HD TV Media Player
  5. Finish Dishwashing Tablets 100-pack
  6. Castle Lite 24-pack bottles
  7. Nivea Mens Deodorant Roll On
  8. Mondi Rotatrim Box of paper
  9. 58-inch Hisense A6K 4K TV
  10. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer

One Takealot shopper did not get the memo on keeping to essential goods or bought quite a stash of essentials.

The highest amount spent on a single basket during the day was a whopping R367,026. The highest number of orders by one customer on the day was 29.

When it comes to items that attracted the highest spending by value, tech fared much better.

TVs, laptops, smartphones, speakers, and headphones featured prominently in the top 10 items by gross merchandise value (GMV).

In addition to featuring in the top 10 by units sold, the 58-inch Hisense TV contributed the highest value overall.

On Black Friday, this model was selling for R5,999, marked down 45% from its listed price of R10,999.

According to price tracking website Serval Tracker, its listed price was at R10,999 for at least two months.

At the time of publication, the TV was selling for R7,998.

Four other TVs from the Chinese company also featured in the top 10.

Hisense’s main rival in the TV segment — Samsung — accounted for the second-highest GMV of any product sold on the day, with an unspecified 65-inch TV.

An Ecoflow portable power station was in third place, although the precise model is unknown.

Below are the top 10 items sold by gross merchandise value on Takealot during Black Friday 2023:

  1. 58-inch Hisense TV
  2. 65-inch Samsung TV
  3. Ecoflow Portable Power Station
  4. 55-inch Hisense TV
  5. 70-inch Hisense TV
  6. 65-inch Hisense TV
  7. Apple iPad 9th-generation
  8. Samsung Galaxy A24 smartphone
  9. 50-inch Hisense TV
  10. PlayStation 5

Takealot also provided the top 10 lists for brands by units sold and merchandise value, which we have provided below.

Top brands by units sold

  1. Nivea
  2. LEGO
  3. Samsung
  4. Hisense
  5. Volkano
  6. Getup
  7. Essence
  8. Eucerin
  9. Xiaomi
  10. Maybelline

Top brands by gross merchandise value

  1. Hisense
  2. Samsung
  3. Apple
  4. Defy
  5. Garmin
  6. Ecoflow
  7. Lenovo
  8. Xiaomi
  9. JBL
  10. Bosch

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Someone spent R376,000 in one Takealot order on Black Friday