Top mobile broadband service in South Africa

MyBroadband conducted its latest broadband survey in May 2014, which revealed that Telkom Mobile was rated the top mobile data provider, and Afrihost the top mobile ISP.

The survey was successfully completed by 4,350 South African broadband users, who rated their broadband service on value for money, network quality and, billing & support.

People who completed the survey are typically tech-savvy individuals with a good knowledge of the local broadband landscape.

The survey tested users’ opinions of their broadband service, and asked them how likely they are to recommend their service to family and friends.

The following table provides an overview of the results of the broadband survey for mobile broadband services (scores out of 10).

Operator Network quality Value for money Support and billing Average
Telkom Mobile 3G HSPA 6.91 8.22 6.90 7.34
Vodacom LTE 6.83 6.33 6.75 6.64
Cell C 3G HSPA 5.79 7.43 6.23 6.48
MTN LTE 6.44 5.65 5.76 5.95
MTN 3G HSPA 6.06 5.75 5.84 5.88
Vodacom 3G HSPA 5.92 4.96 5.76 5.55
Mobile ISPs
Afrihost Mobile 6.84 7.89 8.23 7.65
MWEB Mobile 6.60 7.60 7.20 7.13

Will you recommend your broadband service to a friend?

As part of the survey users were asked “How likely is it that you would recommend your current broadband provider or broadband service to a friend or colleague.”

Customers were asked to rate their likelihood of recommending their mobile service on a 1 to 10 rating scale, with the results listed below.

Mobile provider Score Description
Telkom Mobile 3G HSPA 7.85 Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers
Vodacom LTE 7.42 Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers
Cell C LTE 7.09 Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers
MTN LTE 6.91 Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers
Cell C 3G HSPA 6.61 Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers
MTN 3G HSPA 6.12 Unhappy customers
Vodacom 3G HSPA 5.97 Unhappy customers
Mobile ISPs
Afrihost Mobile 8.77 Loyal enthusiasts
MWEB Mobile 8.00 Satisfied but unenthusiastic customers

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Top mobile broadband service in South Africa