What broadband speeds you can expect from Telkom

South Africans’ broadband requirements differ significantly based on their location and what type of customer they are. This is according to Telkom CTO Alphonzo Samuels.

Speaking to investors, Samuels said that South Africa’s vast geography and relatively dispersed customer base makes for a unique challenge.

He pointed out that the broadband requirements in the country range between less than 1Mbps to well over 100Mbps, depending on the location and customer demographic.

To address these broadband needs, Telkom is using a wide range of technologies, including fibre, SDSL, VDSL, ADSL2+, 3G, LTE, and satellite services.

The following image gives an overview of the broadband needs of different customers based on location, and the technologies used in these areas.

Broadband speed requirements
Broadband speed requirements

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What broadband speeds you can expect from Telkom