Broadband prices: Telkom DSL vs Parkhurst fibre

Parkhurst residents will soon get access to a wide range of fibre to the home products – ranging between capped 4Mbps products and 100Mbps uncapped offerings.

In May, the Parkhurst Residents and Business Owners Association (PRABOA) announced that it had selected Vumatel as its preferred provider to supply fibre to the home in the area.

Vumatel has started with its site preparation for its core network, and broke ground at a ceremony near the Parkhurst Primary School on 25 August 2014.

A few Internet Service Providers, including Vox Telecom and Cool Ideas, announced their prices for fibre to the home services in Parkhurst.

Prices range from R299 for a 4Mbps service with a 20GB cap, to R6,599 for an uncapped 100Mbps offering.

The following table shows how the new Parkhurst FTTH prices compare with Telkom’s DSL services.

It should be noted that Telkom has not announced its 100Mbps fibre to the home prices, which means that they are not included in the last section of the pricing comparison.

It should further be noted that Vox Telecom’s offerings also include 1GB of mobile data, a Vox Supafone, and 100GB of cloud storage.

Parkhurst fibre to the home prices versus Telkom DSL
ISP Speed Monthly data Internet access and data cost Line rental cost Total monthly cost
Cool Ideas Parkhurst fibre 4Mbps 20GB R299 Included R299.00
Telkom DSL 4Mbps 20GB R395 R166.50 R565.50
Vox Telecom Parkhurst fibre 4Mbps 100GB R499 Included R499.00
Afrihost DSL 4Mbps 100GB R458 R166.50 R624.50
Cool Ideas Parkhurst fibre 4Mbps Uncapped R399 Included R399.00
Telkom DSL 4Mbps Uncapped R585 R166.50 R751.50
Telkom VDSL 40Mbps 100GB R979 R166.50 R1,145.50
Cool Ideas Parkhurst fibre 50Mbps 100GB R949 R499 R1,448.00
Vox Telecom Parkhurst fibre 50Mbps 150GB R999 Included R999.00
Afrihost DSL 40Mbps 150GB R1,018 R166.50 R1,184.50
Cybersmart 50Mbps Uncapped R1,299 Included R1,299.00
Telkom VDSL 40Mbps Uncapped R2,594 R166.50 R2,760.50
Cool Ideas Parkhurst fibre 50Mbps Uncapped R2,799 R499 R3,298.00
Vox Telecom Parkhurst fibre 100Mbps 300GB R1,449 Included R1,449.00
Cool Ideas Parkhurst fibre 100Mbps 200GB R2,500 R699 R3,199.00
Cool Ideas Parkhurst fibre 100Mbps Uncapped R5,900 R699 R6,599.00

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Broadband prices: Telkom DSL vs Parkhurst fibre