Are you lucky enough to have a 4K Ready connection?

Akamai recently released its Q2 2014 State of the Internet Report, which showed that only 1.4% of South Africans have Internet connections which can support 4K streaming.

Akamai introduced its “4K Readiness” metric in 2014, which identified countries which are most likely to sustain connection speeds above 15Mbps.

“Ultra HD adaptive bitrate streams typically require bandwidth between 10 and 20Mbps. The findings do not account for other “readiness” factors, including availability of 4K-encoded content or 4K-capable televisions and media players,” the report stated.

In total, 51 countries or regions qualified for inclusion this quarter, and 12% of connections globally were at or above the 15Mbps threshold.

South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan topped the list, at 62%, 34%, and 33%, respectively. Year-on-year, the global 4K readiness rate nearly doubled, growing by 98% to 12% of all connections.

In South Africa, only 1.4% of connections are “4K Ready”, well below other countries in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region.

4K Readiness
4K Readiness

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Are you lucky enough to have a 4K Ready connection?