Web Africa fibre-to-the-home prices revealed

The Parkhurst fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) project has disclosed Web Africa’s data prices for the Vumatel fibre network being deployed in the suburb.

Web Africa’s participation in Parkhurst’s fibre project was announced last Tuesday – 28 October 2014 – when Vumatel said in a press release that it had provided the first 1Gbps connections in the neighbourhood.

Vumatel announced in the same press release that Mweb and Smart Village would also be joining the list of Internet service providers (ISPs) offering services on the Parkhurst network.

This brought the total number of confirmed ISPs for the Vumatel network in Parkhurst to six, as Cool Ideas, Cybersmart, and Vox Telecom had already revealed their prices.

Mweb and Smart Village have not yet announced their pricing for the Parkhurst FTTH initiative.

The table below summarises the accounts Web Africa will be offering.

In addition to revealing its package prices, Web Africa also told Parkhurst that it would be offering top-ups. These are also summarised in the table.

Web Africa FTTH prices for Parkhurst/Vumatel network
Speed Data Price
4Mbps 10GB R199
4Mbps 100GB R349
50Mbps 100GB R899
50Mbps 250GB R1,099
100Mbps 500GB R1,649
Any 25GB R100
Any 50GB R150
A once-off set up fee of R999 applies

With four ISPs presenting significantly different value propositions, it is useful to draw a comparison between them.

The table below summarises the bundles and accounts available from Cool Ideas, Cybersmart, Vox Telecom, and Web Africa.

Vumatel’s line rental fee is included in the price where ISPs don’t already list an inclusive bundle.

Parkhurst/Vumatel FTTH account comparison
4Mbps accounts
ISP Data Price
Web Africa 10GB R199
Cool Ideas 20GB R299
Web Africa 100GB R349
Cool Ideas Uncapped R399
Vox Telecom 150GB R449
50Mbps accounts
ISP Data Price
Web Africa 100GB R899
Vox Telecom * 200GB R999
Web Africa 250GB R1,099
Cybersmart Uncapped R1,299
Cool Ideas 100GB R1,448
Cool Ideas Uncapped R1,998
100Mbps accounts
ISP Data Price
Vox Telecom * 300GB R1,449
Web Africa 500GB R1,649
Cool Ideas 200GB R3,199
Cool Ideas Uncapped R6,599
* Vox Telecom also offers bundles with synchronous speeds at R100-R200 more
Vox Telecom bundles also include 1GB mobile data, and 100GB free online storage

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Web Africa fibre-to-the-home prices revealed