Uncapped broadband prices: Telkom ADSL vs Neotel Wireless

Neotel launched its new NeoBroadband Wireless service recently, offering uncapped, unshaped data at speeds ranging between 1Mbps and 10Mbps.

NeoBroadband Wireless is a technology-agnostic wireless broadband service which gives a constant experience regardless of the wireless technology being used, such as LTE or WiMax.

Neotel’s NeoBroadband Wireless pricing starts at R499 for a 1Mbps service and increases to R1,799 for a 10Mbps product.

NeoBroadband Wireless comes with a generous fair use policy ranging between 100GB for a 1Mbps service and 1TB for a 10Mbps service. Line speed will be reduced by 50% once the FUP is reached.

Neotel CEO Sunil Joshi made it clear that their new NeoBroadband Wireless products are targeting Telkom’s ADSL offerings.

“ADSL will eventually only be seen on the History Channel because what is now available is a real choice from Neotel – a consistently great Internet user experience,” said Joshi.

The following table provides an overview of how Neotel’s NeoBroadband Wireless prices stack up against Telkom’s uncapped ADSL tariffs.

We included both home and business ADSL rates as Neotel’s NeoBroadband Wireless service is aimed at residential and business customers.

Telkom ADSL versus NeoBroadband Wireless
Service Speed Line rental Data and access Total monthly cost
Telkom home ADSL 2Mbps R167 R394 R561
NeoBroadband Wireless 2Mbps R699 R699
Telkom business ADSL 2Mbps R239 R499 R738
Telkom home ADSL 4Mbps R167 R585 R752
Telkom business ADSL 4Mbps R239 R753 R992
NeoBroadband Wireless 4Mbps R999 R999
Telkom home ADSL 10Mbps R167 R999 R1,166
Telkom business ADSL 10Mbps R239 R1,209 R1,448
NeoBroadband Wireless 10Mbps R1,799 R1,799

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Uncapped broadband prices: Telkom ADSL vs Neotel Wireless