Best and worst broadband connections in South Africa

MyBroadband’s January 2015 broadband survey shows that Telkom Mobile’s LTE service and Telkom Mobile’s 3G product are the best fixed and mobile broadband services in South Africa.

The latest broadband survey was completed by 4,055 South African broadband users, who rated their broadband services on value for money, network quality, and billing and support.

People who completed the survey were typically IT professionals and other tech-savvy individuals, with a strong knowledge of South Africa’s broadband market.

The survey tested users’ opinions of their broadband service and asked them how likely they were to recommend their broadband product to family and friends.

The results showed that Telkom Mobile LTE was rated as the top fixed broadband service in the country. Telkom’s 3G/HSPA service received the highest average mobile broadband rating.

Because Telkom’s LTE service is sold as a fixed wireless broadband solution, it is grouped with other fixed products like ADSL, fibre, and iBurst Wireless.

The following table provides an overview of the results of the survey for fixed and mobile broadband products (scores out of 10).

It should be noted that some products which did not receive enough feedback – including Neotel’s CDMA products and Vumatel’s fibre service – are not listed in the tables below.

Fixed broadband
Service Network quality Value for money Support Average
Telkom Mobile LTE 7.79 7.66 6.97 7.47
VDSL 40Mbps 7.78 6.87 6.74 7.13
NeoBroadband Fibre 7.53 6.40 6.80 6.91
Telkom fibre-to-the-home 7.39 6.67 6.50 6.85
Neotel wireless 7.21 6.58 6.21 6.67
VDSL 20Mbps 7.33 6.39 6.26 6.66
MultiChoice Smart Village 7.46 6.00 5.77 6.41
Neotel LTE 7.14 6.43 5.43 6.33
ADSL 10Mbps 6.77 6.01 6.19 6.33
ADSL 4Mbps 6.37 5.79 6.18 6.11
ADSL 2Mbps 6.12 5.69 6.09 5.97
iBurst Wireless 4.82 6.38 6.07 5.76
Mobile broadband
Service Network quality Value for money Support Average
Telkom Mobile 3G HSPA 6.81 7.90 6.82 7.18
Vodacom LTE 7.22 5.58 6.57 6.45
MTN LTE 6.49 6.35 6.37 6.41
Cell C 3G HSPA 5.52 7.18 6.11 6.27
Vodacom 3G HSPA 6.41 5.36 5.90 5.89
MTN 3G HSPA 5.91 5.84 5.69 5.81
Mobile ISP
MWEB Mobile 7.25 8.25 8.33 7.94
Afrihost Mobile 6.48 6.96 8.01 7.15

Would you recommend your broadband service to a friend?

As part of the survey users were asked: “How likely is it that you would recommend your current broadband service to a friend or colleague?”

The higher the score, the more likely a person was to recommend their service to other people.

The following table shows how likely broadband subscribers are to recommend their service to friends.

Fixed broadband
Service Score
Neotel LTE 8.43
NeoBroadband Fibre 8.33
Telkom Mobile LTE 8.13
Telkom fibre-to-the-home 8.06
Neotel wireless 7.79
VDSL 20Mbps 7.76
VDSL 40Mbps 7.57
Neotel NeoFlex 7.40
MultiChoice Smart Village 7.38
ADSL 10Mbps 7.38
ADSL 4Mbps 7.04
ADSL 2Mbps 6.66
MTN 3G HSPA 6.20
iBurst Wireless 4.53
Mobile broadband
Service Score
Telkom Mobile 3G HSPA 7.51
MTN LTE 6.86
Vodacom LTE 6.86
Vodacom 3G HSPA 6.61
Cell C 3G HSPA 5.97
Mobile ISP
MWEB Mobile 8.00
Afrihost Mobile 7.58

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Best and worst broadband connections in South Africa