DStv Online: More ISPs join in

In November 2007 MultiChoice launched its DStv Web TV service, called DStv Broadband at the time, which allowed DStv premium subscribers to catch up on missed shows from channels like MNet, Supersport, Kyknet, Channel O, MNet Movies, Go and MK.

In May this year MultiChoice relaunched this service, now called DStv ON DEMAND Online, with a far larger content selection from a wider channel base.

At launch this new DStv ON DEMAND online service was only available through the MWEB ADSL service, a strategy which MWEB indicated was aimed at:

  1. Encouraging other ISPs to peer with MWEB to gain access to DStv Online;
  2. Ensuring that service levels are good enough to satisfy the needs of DStv subscribers.

This strategy by MultiChoice (to only provide the service to ISPs which peer with MWEB) came under fire from some consumers who could previously get access to DStv Broadband through other service providers, but MultiChoice and MWEB stood firm.

Many ISPs join in

Many service providers including Neology, Cybersmart and Vox Telecom jumped at the opportunity to peer with MWEB, and their subscribers should get access to DStv On Demand Online content soon, if it has not happened already.

MultiChoice CTO Gerdus van Eeden added that MWEB is in the process of closing numerous other peering agreements which will further spread the availability of DStv’s online offering.

One ISP which has been criticized in the past for their unwillingness to peer in some cases, Internet Solutions, is also rumoured to have started peering with MWEB in a proof of concept agreement. This will be a big step forward for MWEB in its quest to boost free and open peering in SA.

Telkom and MTN Business not keen on free and open peering

MTN Business and Telkom would not take the bait – most likely because of the fact that these two providers rake in large sums through selling transit to smaller players, rather than peering with them directly.

MWEB has however said recently that their days of paying for local transit are over, a decision which will put the cat amongst the pigeons when they cut their transit links to Telkom and MTN Business in the next few days.

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DStv Online: More ISPs join in