The best fixed-broadband service in South Africa

MyBroadband’s latest broadband survey results show that Vumatel’s fibre-to-the-home is the best fixed-broadband service in South Africa.

For the survey, MyBroadband partnered with Dr. Liezel Korf to ensure accurate results and high-quality research.

The Q2 2016 broadband survey was completed by 4,267 South African broadband subscribers.

To avoid duplicate entries and survey manipulation, a unique token system was used where only invited users were allowed to complete the survey.

The surveyed users are all part of the MyBroadband community, and are therefore typically IT professionals and tech-savvy individuals.

Fixed-broadband services with the most loyal subscribers

To test subscribers’ satisfaction with their broadband service, they were asked one question: How likely is it that you would recommend your current broadband service to a friend or colleague?

A 10-point scale was used to rate the likelihood that a user would recommend their service – where 0 is not at all likely, and 10 is extremely likely.

Known as the Net Promoter Score, the results of this question provide a good measure of the loyalty of consumers towards their providers.

The table below provides a summary of the results. It should be noted that services marked with an asterisk (*) had a low number of respondents, which can result in less representative figures.

Fixed Broadband Services
Broadband Service Mean Score
Vumatel fibre 9.30
Cybersmart Lightspeed* 9.00
Fibrehoods FTTH* 9.00
MetroFibre via Greencom* 8.00
VDSL 7.93
NeoBroadband fibre* 7.64
Telkom LTE (fixed service) 7.59
Telkom FTTH 7.31
Vodacom FTTH* 7.17
ADSL 6.81
Neotel wireless 6.42
iBurst wireless 5.25
MultiChoice Smart Village fibre 4.94
Wireless Internet Service Providers
Broadband Service Mean Score
WiruLink* 9.00
Level-7 Wireless* 8.64
Megasurf Wireless* 8.17
Sonic Wireless* 8.10
Amobia Wireless* 8.08
BitCo Wireless 7.72
Snowball Wireless* 6.67

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The best fixed-broadband service in South Africa