SA's Broadband Index: Get ready to be impressed

Ookla’s latest Net Index report, based on millions of recent test results from, reveals a promising trend in South Africa’s broadband speeds.

The Ookla Net Index compares and ranks consumer download speeds around the globe, and the latest results show an average worldwide download speed of 8.26 Mbps. This is up from 7.67 Mbps six months ago.

The average worldwide upload speed is currently 2.31 Mbps. Six months ago the average household upload speed was 2.11 Mbps which means that uplink speeds have increased only slightly since May.

South Korea continues to top the broadband speed charts with an average household download speed of 35.59 Mbps.  Lithuania is ranked second with 29.63 Mbps and Latvia third with 24.87 Mbps.

South Africa

Over the last few months there were numerous positive developments in the local broadband market, including Telkom’s 10 Mbps ADSL upgrades and Cell C’s 21 Mbps HSPA+ network launches across the country.

These positive changes show clearly in the latest Ookla Net Index. South Africa currently ranks 87th in the world when it comes to average household broadband download speeds, up from 93rd in May.

Results obtained by analyzing test data from 178,583 tests between Oct 30, 2010 and Nov 28, 2010 show that South Africa’s average download speed is now 2.99 Mbps, up from 2.21 Mbps in May.

South Africa also showed strong growth in the uplink department. The average household uplink speed in the country is currently 0.94 Mbps, up from 0.59 Mbps six months ago.

South Africa’s global uplink ranking climbed from 101 in May 2010 to 77 – a testimony to the improving broadband speeds in the country.

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SA's Broadband Index: Get ready to be impressed