Satellite TV viewers only watch 10% of their channels

Recent research from Nielsen shows that, on average, US pay-TV users only watch about 10% of the channels on the platform they pay for.

According to a report by USA Today, the research looked at cable, satellite, and telco-delivered TV services.

“With more than 200 channels available, viewers are actually watching, on average, only about 20 channels,” stated the report.

The number of channels watched in a home with multiple viewers was higher, as different viewers visit different channels.

Nielsen found the pattern of consumption has not changed much in recent years, despite changes in channel numbers.

  • In 2014, viewers watched 10.6% of 197 channels.
  • In 2015, viewers watched 9.6% of 208 channels.
  • In 2016, viewers watched 9.6% of 206 channels.

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Satellite TV viewers only watch 10% of their channels