It’s not about #DataMustFall, but when data will fall

It is not a matter of whether data prices will fall, it is only a matter of when, Telkom’s chief commercial officer Brian Armstrong has said.

Speaking at the 2016 MyBroadband Conference, Armstrong explained that data from across the telecommunications industry points to a trend of constant improvement.

Speeds and network capacity will increase, latency will decrease, and the cost per bit will come down.

As mobile networks evolve from LTE and 4G technology to 5G in the next 4–5 years, Armstrong said speeds will increase tenfold, network capacity will increase a hundredfold, and latency will decrease tenfold.

In terms of the price of data, Armstrong said the cost-per-bit will decrease to a fifth of what it is today.

“For data to fall, the cost per bit must decrease,” said Armstrong, referring to the #DataMustFall movement which was mentioned ahead of his address.

All trends point to the fact that data prices in South Africa will continue to come down.

“Maybe it needs to happen differently. Maybe operators need to be more innovative in how they packages services,” said Armstrong.

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It’s not about #DataMustFall, but when data will fall