How to get an uncapped 20Mbps broadband service for R40 per month

Internet pioneer Mike Lawrie has built an internal DSL network at the retirement centre where he lives, which offers unlimited Internet access at R40 per month.

Lawrie is credited as one of the people who brought the Internet to South Africa.

In 1988, Lawrie led the informal team at Rhodes University which established the first Internet network in South Africa.

His passion for networking and the Internet never subsided, and he has found a way to offer affordable broadband access in his area.

Speaking at the 2016 MyBroadband Conference, he said one often hears about expensive ADSL and fibre, but highlighted that there are affordable solutions.

Lawrie explained that he put in an internal ADSL network at the retirement village where he lives in Pretoria.

The network has its own DSLAM, and uses the copper pairs to each of the houses in the area – with an ADSL router in each house – to connect clients to the network.

For backhaul capacity, Lawrie uses a single 40Mbps VDSL line with a 400GB capped Afrihost account – which now offers unlimited usage between 00:00 and 18:00 daily.

“Our users in the retirement village do not pay more than R40 per month for unlimited usage,” said Lawrie.

“It is dirt cheap if you do it properly.”

“I get download speeds of 20Mbps for R40 per month. In the last month, my wife and I clocked up 58GB,” he said.

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How to get an uncapped 20Mbps broadband service for R40 per month