NAPAfrica is doing over 100Gbps of traffic

NAPAfrica’s Internet exchange points in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban see over 100Gbps of traffic combined, Teraco told MyBroadband.

This is a massive increase in traffic since the start of the year, said Andrew Owens, senior product manager for interconnection and peering at Teraco Data Environments.

“NAPAfrica started the year with the Johannesburg exchange peaking at around 25Gbp to 30Gbps,” said Owens.

“Right now, Johannesburg’s daily peak alone is at around 95Gbps.”

This goes up to around 130Gbps when companies like Microsoft and Apple push out patches and updates.

The Cape Town and Durban exchanges showed similar growth, with traffic through NAPAfrica in Cape Town growing from around 10GBps to 30Gbps, while Durban grew from ±1Gbps to ±3GBps.

NAPAfrica member connections

NAPAfrica member ports by infrastructure
Infrastructure 1,000 10,000 Total Connected capacity
NAPAfrica JB 1 177 87 264 1,047G
NAPAfrica CT 1 86 28 114 366G
NAPAfrica DB 1 41 8 49 121G
Totals 304 123 427 1,534G

Owens said that according to, South Africa has 278 unique active Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), a number that has grown significantly over the past year.

An Autonomous System is “a connected group of one or more IP prefixes run by one or more network operators which has a single and clearly defined routing policy”.

Loosely, the number Owens quotes above can used as an indication of the number of active networks in the country.

NAPAfrica Johannesburg alone has 206 unique ASNs connected, which is up from 130 at the beginning of the year.

“International networks have highlighted Africa as an attractive destination, with certain countries, notably South Africa, seen as connection hubs for surrounding countries,” said Owens.

He said NAPAfrica will continue to offer free ports, free cross-connects, and free membership.

“We have directly seen the impact of making it easier and more cost-effective for networks to operate,” said Owens.

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NAPAfrica is doing over 100Gbps of traffic