South Africa’s broadband adoption lower than Kenya, Morocco, and Kuwait

Akamai has released its Q3 2016 State of the Internet report, which shows that South Africa’s broadband adoption is lower than Kenya, Morocco, and Kuwait.

Akamai’s report is based on data gathered from the company’s Intelligent Platform and provides insight into global connectivity and Internet metrics.

Akamai previously included Africa’s results with Europe and the Middle East, but broadband metrics are now presented separately for the European region and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

More African countries are included, which means we get a better idea of how South Africa compares against other countries on the continent.

4Mbps Broadband Adoption

Akamai’s report showed that 4Mbps broadband adoption in South Africa sits at 42%.

With a 94% adoption rate of 4Mbps broadband, Israel led the Middle East and Africa region – followed by the United Arab Emirates with a 91% adoption rate.

In total, seven of the qualifying countries in the region had more than half of their unique IPv4 addresses connecting to Akamai at average speeds of at least 4Mbps.

South Africa’s 4Mbps broadband adoption rate increased by 90% year-on-year, while its quarterly increase was 11%.

The table below shows the 4Mbps broadband adoption rate in Middle East and African countries.

Broadband Adoption

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South Africa’s broadband adoption lower than Kenya, Morocco, and Kuwait