SEACOM’s SMW4 problems continue

Last week SEACOM experienced downtime for many hours, caused by a terrestrial cable break on the SE-ME-WE-4 (SMW4) leg just north of Cairo.

This cable break took many hours to fix because of a continued curfew in Egypt which meant that repair workers could not respond until after the curfew was lifted in the morning.

SEACOM’s woes continued today with downtime reported from just before 14:00. Both consumers and service providers reported slow or no international access.

According to TENET’s SEACOM’s London connectivity monitoring graph the cable’s downtime started just before 14:00 on Sunday 20 March.

Cybersmart informed their subscribers that a fibre cut in the SMW-4 segment-3 between Cairo-Kom Hamada is the cause of the lastest downtime.

“Telecom Egypt team has been informed to repair. There is no ETR at this moment,” said the Cybersmart network alert.

MWEB in turn informed subscribers that that they are aware of the SEACOM problem, adding that their failover routes via SAT-3 have kicked in.

MWEB MD Derek Hershaw said that according to the information they have on hand, 25% of the cable’s capacity has been restored but they haven’t received any indication of when the cable will be fully repaired.

It is understood that since today’s cable break happened outside the Egyptian curfew, the repair time should be quicker and hence the downtime won’t be as long as it was on Thursday.

UPDATE: Network traffic resumed through the SEACOM cable at around 21h50 on Sunday evening. Both TENET and Cybersmart confirmed that SEACOM was operational and that services were resuming to normal.

ADSL customers with Internet service providers that make use of SEACOM for international connectivity should start seeing improved performance on their connections and full restoration of services is expected in due course.

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SEACOM’s SMW4 problems continue