ADSL ISP complaints and compliments: The best and worst

HelloPeter has become well known for allowing local consumers to report on the service levels they have received from companies.

HelloPeter allows companies to respond on these complaints, given that they sign up as a ‘Company who responds’. However, there is a fee attached to this service – a business model which has been criticized in the past.

An argument for this business model is the fact that many companies do sign up to respond to consumers (there are currently 1351 companies who respond) – and that consumers’ problems are often resolved through the service which HelloPeter provides.

One of the most active areas on the HelloPeter website is telecoms – and here the cellular providers are responsible for most of the complaints and compliments. An article about telecoms complaints here.

Internet service providers are not receiving as much feedback as the local telecoms providers, but it is still interesting to assess the compliments versus complaints ratio associated with the country’s most prominent service providers.

The following table provides an overview of the compliments ratio of ISPs for feedback received on HelloPeter over the last twelve months.

Compliments and complaints on HelloPeter
ISP Compliments Complaints Total Compliments Ratio
Web Africa 36 45 81 44%
Afrihost 65 98 163 39%
MWEB 206 669 875 23%
@lantic 19 63 82 23%
Cybersmart 5 21 26 19%
Axxess 3 18 21 14%
Telkom Internet 161 1719 1880 8%

ADSL ISP complaints and compliments: The best and worst << Comments and views

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ADSL ISP complaints and compliments: The best and worst