You are paying too much for Internet access in South Africa

Point Topic has released its Q4 2016 broadband tariff country scorecard, which shows that South Africa’s average broadband prices are much higher than international benchmarks.

Point Topic’s latest scorecard compares the entry-level, median, and average residential broadband tariffs in 84 countries.

The data includes fixed broadband services offered over copper, cable, and fibre networks.

“To help provide an easy way of comparing directly, we have taken the PPP data on entry-level, median, and average broadband tariffs, produced rankings, and then compared the variance,” stated the report.

Global broadband pricing rankings

Iran boasts the lowest broadband prices, followed by Ukraine, Russia, Japan, and Romania.

South Africa ranks 69 out of 84 countries for median broadband pricing, and at number 74 for average broadband pricing.

One positive is the entry-level broadband pricing in South Africa, where we rank at number 18.

Point Topic’s broadband tariff country scorecard is provided below. Countries at the top of the chart offer the lowest median tariffs.

Broadband Prices

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You are paying too much for Internet access in South Africa