Best broadband speeds in SA: Latest Net Index stats is the de-facto standard for testing broadband speeds, and the company’s Net Index is using these statistics to compare countries and service providers based on download speed, upload speed, latency and connection quality.

The latest Ookla Net Index stats – which are obtained by analyzing data between Feb 13, 2011 and Apr 13, 2011 – show a fairly flat performance for South Africa when compared with previous results.

According to these results, South Africa currently ranks as at number 91 in country download speeds and number 80 when it comes to upload speeds.

South Africa’s average download speed of 3.01Mbps is much lower than the global average 8.68Mbps, which is boosted by countries such as South Korea (34.84Mbps), Sweden (27.07Mbps) and Lithuania (26.34Mbps).

South Africa has a fairly poor global download speed ranking of 91 – well below countries such as Australia (8.13Mbps), New Zealand (7.43Mbps) and Brazil (4.72Mbps).

The average local upload speed of 1.13Mbps is also significantly slower than the international average of 2.75 Mbps – placing South Africa 80th on the global uplink speed list.

Best speeds in South Africa

When it comes to the most prominent broadband providers in the country, Cybersmart reigns supreme with 7.23Mbps, followed by Neotel with 5.07Mbps and Vodacom on 4.31Mbps.

The biggest winner over the last four months was Vodacom – increasing their network speed from 2.38Mbps to the current 4.31Mbps.

The rest of the providers’ download speeds did not change much, except for Cell C which dropped from 4.62Mbps to 3.92Mbps.

The following table provides an overview of the latest Net Index broadband provider stats. 

Average Download Speed
Service Provider Dec 13
April 13
Cybersmart 7.23 Mbps
Neotel 5.07 Mbps
Vodacom 2.38 Mbps 4.31 Mbps
Cell C 4.62 Mbps 3.91 Mbps
Web Africa 2.81 Mbps 2.74 Mbps
Internet Solutions 2.53 Mbps 2.44 Mbps
MTN NS 1.88 Mbps 2.44 Mbps
Telkom 2.54 Mbps 2.39 Mbps
MWEB 2.11 Mbps 2.13 Mbps
Neology 1.45 Mbps

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Best broadband speeds in SA: Latest Net Index stats