What you can get for R1,000

The South African broadband environment has become very competitive in recent years, with several fibre and wireless providers rolling out networks.

The latest entrant is Rain, which is offering wholesale access to its LTE-A network to Internet service providers.

MWEB and Webafrica launched LTE products on Rain’s network recently, which compete against DSL and fibre-to-the-home services.

Pricing for the new Rain products start at R599 for a 55GB service, and increases to R999 for a 120GB service.

The R999 price tag for the “high-end” Rain product is not surprising. Since broadband was launched in South Africa, R1,000 was seen by companies as the default price to charge for their flagship products.

Telkom’s first ADSL service, for example, was a 512kbps service with a 3GB ISP account and cost R968.

Vodacom’s first 2GB mobile broadband service, launched in December 2004, cost subscribers R1,198. This price was reduced to R998 a few months later.

The table below details what R1,000 currently buys broadband subscribers in South Africa.

Broadband Products in SA
Service Provider Technology Speed Data Allowance Monthly price
Afrihost Fibre 50Mbps Uncapped R997
Afrihost VDSL 20Mbps Uncapped R978
Cell C Fibre 10Mbps Uncapped R999
Cybersmart Fibre 400Mbps 200GB R899
MTN Fibre 100Mbps 200GB R984
Vodacom Fibre 40Mbps 200GB R999
Telkom Fibre 40Mbps 200GB R999
MWEB LTE-A 50Mbps 120GB R999
Cell C LTE 100Mbps 100GB R999
Telkom LTE-A 100Mbps 100GB R1,099
Afrihost Fibre 50Mbps 100GB R997
Axxess VDSL 20Mbps 400GB R998
Vox ADSL 10Mbps 300GB R923
Axxess LTE 100Mbps 20GB R979
MTN LTE 100Mbps 25GB R1,250
Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless 4Mbps 20GB R977

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What you can get for R1,000