Rain LTE-A vs ADSL – The battle is on

Internet service providers offering Rain-based LTE-A packages recently launched a double data promotion and new big-cap products.

Existing and new customer have access to the promotion. The double-data caps will be available until 30 November 2018, but customers must sign up before 30 November 2017 to benefit.

With the new packages offering caps of up to 660GB, with speeds of between 10Mbps-50Mbps, Rain LTE-A products are starting to compete against fixed-line alternatives.

Rain vs ADSL

One advantage of the Rain packages is that users only require an LTE-A router to use the service. This means those without access to fibre or DSL lines, or those with slow/poor DSL throughput, can benefit from LTE-A.

Users will also not have to wait for any infrastructure to be installed – as the required Huawei B618 LTE-A router is a plug-and-play solution.

Another advantage is that users will not have to pay for an Openserve analogue line and DSL line as they would on ADSL and VDSL packages.

Where DSL packages beat Rain, however, is in the data-usage category.

Many ISPs offer unlimited after-hours data – typically between midnight and 07:00 – on capped DSL accounts, and let your unused data at the end of the month roll over to the following month.

On Rain’s packages, data does not roll over and there is no free “after-hours” data. Rain packages also require the upfront purchase of the Huawei router, and coverage is restricted to certain areas.

If you are looking for an Internet connection until at least November 2018, the table below compares Rain’s new double-data packages against capped DSL packages available from prominent ISPs.

Webafrica, Crystal Web, Afrihost, and MWEB are offering the new Rain packages.

Rain LTE-A vs DSL
Provider Line Speed Data Line Rental ISP Package Total Price p/m
Rain LTE-A 10-50Mbps 110GB R0 R549 R549
Webafrica 10Mbps 100GB R199 R524 R723
Telkom 10Mbps 100GB Included R699 R699
MWEB 10Mbps 150GB R199 R545 R744
Afrihost 10Mbps 100GB R199 R578 R777
Rain LTE-A 10-50Mbps 170GB R0 R799 R799
Telkom 20Mbps 100GB Included R799 R799
MWEB 20Mbps 200GB R199 R635 R834
Webafrica 20Mbps 200GB R199 R699 R898
Afrihost 20Mbps 200GB R199 R725 R924
Rain LTE-A 10-50Mbps 240GB R0 R999 R999
Telkom 40Mbps 200GB Included R999 R999
MWEB 40Mbps 400GB R199 R945 R1,144
Webafrica 40Mbps 400GB R199 R999 R1,198
Rain LTE-A 10-50Mbps 440GB R0 R1,349 R1,349
Afrihost 40Mbps 400GB R199 R1,214 R1,413
Rain LTE-A 10-50Mbps 660GB R0 R1,599 R1,599

It must be noted that the above does not take DSL data rollover or after-hours data allocations into account.

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Rain LTE-A vs ADSL – The battle is on