Subscribers disappointed with broadband service

South African broadband subscribers are generally not very impressed with their broadband service.

According to feedback from the recent broadband survey a mere 13% of subscribers indicated that their broadband service is better than expected.

46% of respondents said that the service performs exactly as expected while 38% of users said that their service performed worse than expected.

35% of subscribers indicated that they are actively looking for a new broadband service, driving home the fact that there is a large portion of the broadband community who are looking elsewhere for something better.

Best and worse

The service, where most of the surveyed users indicated that the service performed better than expected or exactly as expected, was Telkom’s ADSL 384 offering.  

Just over half of the ADSL 384 users were happy with their service performance – a significantly higher satisfaction rate than the other broadband offerings on the market.

The service where users were most unhappy with the performance is Sentech’s MyWireless offerings.

A massive 61% of MyWireless subscribers indicated that the service performed worse than expected while only 6% of respondents indicated that the service exceeded expectations.



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Subscribers disappointed with broadband service