Smartphone owners who enjoy the highest broadband speeds

The Q4 2017 MyBroadband Speed Test app results show that Google smartphone owners enjoy the highest broadband speeds through their Wi-Fi connections at home and work.

MyBroadband’s Speed Test app for Android and iOS gives smartphone users the ability to test their Wi-Fi and mobile data connections.

In Q4 2017, over 200,000 speed tests over Wi-Fi were performed by MyBroadband iOS and Android app users.

The average download speed over Wi-Fi in South Africa was 11.59Mbps, while the average upload speed was 6.99Mbps.

These speeds are closely linked to the average broadband speeds in the country, as most Wi-Fi connections are linked to a fixed broadband connection.

Highest speeds

The app results show that Google smartphone users enjoy the highest average download speed at 21.48Mbps, followed by BlackBerry Android users at 20.62Mbps.

The slowest Wi-Fi speeds are experienced by Vodafone, Hisense, and Huawei smartphone users.

These results are expected, as Google and BlackBerry Android are high-end devices which are typically purchased by tech-savvy people.

These people are likely to have high-speed broadband connections at home and at work, which is reflected in their high average Wi-Fi speeds.

The table below provides an overview of the Wi-Fi speed results in South Africa.

Average Wi-Fi Speeds
Smartphone Brand Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Latency (ms)
Google 21.483 14.140 82
BlackBerry 20.634 11.335 60
OnePlus 19.123 13.734 54
iPhone 16.038 11.310 63
Samsung 12.472 7.348 91
Motorola 12.451 6.373 119
LG 10.932 6.285 80
HTC 10.205 5.045 96
Nokia 9.609 6.437 71
Sony 9.172 5.376 97
Xiaomi 8.699 4.533 89
ZTE 7.498 4.341 113
Huawei 7.464 3.626 91
Hisense 7.112 3.851 73
Vodafone 5.245 2.039 86

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Smartphone owners who enjoy the highest broadband speeds