South African ISP Wi-Fi speed rankings

MyBroadband’s February 2018 Speed Test App results show that Cool Ideas’ subscribers enjoy the highest average Wi-Fi speeds, followed by Vodacom Business and Cipherwave.

MyBroadband’s free Speed Test App for Android and iOS gives smartphone users the ability to test their mobile and Wi-Fi connection speeds.

The Speed Test App is ad-free and allows users to test the download speed, upload speed, and latency of their Internet connection.

The MyBroadband Speed Test App has been installed by over 20,000 users, who conduct thousands of tests each month.

Last month, 59,000 speed tests were performed over Wi-Fi – which provides an excellent overview of the average local broadband speed.

According to the stats, the average download speed over Wi-Fi in South Africa was 9.3Mbps. The average upload speed was 5.4Mbps.

Top ISPs

The table below details the average Wi-Fi speed per Internet service provider, ranked according to download speed.

These speeds are closely linked to the average broadband speeds, as most Wi-Fi connections are linked to a fixed-broadband connection.

It should be noted that the ISPs have different user profiles, which affects the average connection speed of their subscribers.

An ISP with predominantly fibre subscribers, for example, will easily outperform an ISP with mainly ADSL subscribers.

Only prominent ISPs with a high number of Wi-Fi tests using the MyBroadband Speed Test App were listed.

ISP Wi-Fi Speed Rankings
ISP Download (kbps) Upload (kbps)
Cool Ideas 32,364 25,991
Vodacom Business 31,617 40,406
Cipherwave 26,937 27,813
Herotel 25,762 19,519
Cell C 15,482 13,863
MTN 15,344 11,345
Vox Telecom 13,691 9,322
Rain 12,638 5,635
Sonic Telecoms 12,006 6,892
Metrofibre Networx 11,824 13,378
Vodacom 11,803 6,730
RSAWEB 11,670 11,647
Afrihost 11,272 6,191
Cybersmart 11,140 9,046
Wirulink 10,919 4,652
Seacom 9,443 8,946
Skyfi Internet Solutions 9,023 4,843
Internet Solutions 8,940 5,083
Axxess 8,346 4,128
BITCO 8,021 9,407
Telkom Internet 7,805 2,452
Snowball Effect 5,612 2,904
Liquid Telecom 5,390 3,806
MWEB 5,377 1,775
XDSL 5,374 3,720
Breedenet 3,620 1,181

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South African ISP Wi-Fi speed rankings