South African suburbs with the fastest mobile data speeds

MyBroadband has released its Q1 2018 speed test results, which show that the average mobile download speed in South Africa is 20Mbps, while the average mobile upload speed is 9Mbps.

The results are based on 142,537 speed tests which were performed by MyBroadband Android and iOS Speed Test app users.

The install base for the Android and iOS Speed Test apps is currently at over 20,000 users.

The speed tests came from users across the country, which included MyBroadband’s controlled drive tests.

While the average speeds were excellent, not all South Africans enjoy this performance in their neighborhoods.

Residents in major cities enjoy much higher speeds than their counterparts in rural areas.

The suburb with the highest average speed in Q1 2018 was Gatesville in Cape Town, with an average download speed of 70Mbps.

Two other Cape Town suburbs, Penlyn Estate and Cape Town CBD, were ranked second and third with 63Mbps and 60Mbps respectively.

Fastest speeds

The table below shows the top 20 suburbs in Q1 2018, ranked according to average download speed.

Mobile Broadband Speeds
Suburb Province Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Latency (ms)
Gatesville Western Cape 70.378 22.222 26
Penlyn Estate Western Cape 62.504 16.893 30
Cape Town Western Cape 59.855 15.080 33
Casteel Mpumalanga 58.069 19.768 28
Southern Suburbs Western Cape 53.509 18.128 28
Athlone Western Cape 51.715 16.809 30
Parow Western Cape 49.316 13.506 34
Goodwood Western Cape 48.271 11.428 42
Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal 47.172 17.484 33
Dawncliffe KwaZulu-Natal 47.148 16.788 33
Gallo Manor Gauteng 47.120 17.701 26
Escombe KwaZulu-Natal 45.252 16.683 36
Stamford Hill KwaZulu-Natal 45.067 16.219 33
Malvern KwaZulu-Natal 44.275 16.909 32
Bellville Western Cape 43.682 14.311 34
Petervale Gauteng 43.490 22.244 27
Albany KwaZulu-Natal 42.955 16.459 34
Aeroton Gauteng 42.509 17.309 27
Parkside Eastern Cape 42.207 17.323 61
Eldorado Park Gauteng 40.202 15.783 32

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South African suburbs with the fastest mobile data speeds