South Africa’s top ADSL and Fibre ISPs rated

MyBroadband recently conducted its latest South African broadband survey, which showed that Cool Ideas is the country’s top-rated Internet service provider.

The survey was completed by 7,078 South African broadband subscribers between 9-30 April 2018.

The users were typically IT professionals and tech-savvy individuals with a strong knowledge of the local broadband market.

The survey participants rated their broadband connection, their fixed-line ISP, and their mobile provider.

The results show how happy subscribers are with their ISP or mobile operator, and can therefore be seen as a customer satisfaction ranking.

Fibre users were the happiest with their broadband connections, followed by VDSL and LTE users. The ratings appear directly related to the speed of the broadband connections.


In the ISP segment, Cool Ideas reigned supreme as the best fixed-line ISP, followed by Axxess and Vox.

The top-rated mobile operator was Telkom Mobile, followed by MTN, Vodacom, and Cell C.

The tables below provide an overview of the results of the latest South African broadband survey.

South African Broadband Ratings
Fixed Broadband Connection Rating (/5)
Fibre 4.24
VDSL 3.78
LTE 3.60
Wireless 3.49
ADSL 3.22
ISP Rating (/5)
Cool Ideas 4.48
Axxess 4.31
Vox 4.12
Cybersmart 4.03
Afrihost 4.03
Crystal Web 3.93
Webafrica 3.86
MWEB 3.68
Internet Solutions 3.68
Telkom Internet 3.34
Mobile Operator Rating (/5)
Telkom Mobile 3.74
MTN 3.66
Vodacom 3.51
Cell C 3.31

Speed Test ISP Rankings

MyBroadband recently launched an option for users to rate their ISP when they conduct a broadband speed test on the MyBroadband Speed Test platform.

The table below details the average scores for April 2018, based on 7,000 consumer ratings.

It must be noted that these rankings are separate from the broadband survey results above.

Do a speed test here now, and rate your ISP

Speed Test ISP Rankings
ISP Rating (/5)
Cool Ideas 4.43
Vox 3.53
Axxess 3.22
Afrihost 3.18
Internet Solutions 3.10
Cybersmart 2.75
MWEB 2.49
Telkom Internet 2.22

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South Africa’s top ADSL and Fibre ISPs rated