Afrihost implements data rollover on Rain LTE

Afrihost has implemented data rollover for its Rain-fixed LTE users.

At the start of July 2018, MyBroadband Forum members reported their Rain data had rolled over from June.

Previously, data on Rain’s fixed-LTE network did not rollover and customers would lose what they did not use.

Earlier this year, however, ICASA said network operators would be required to offer customers the option to roll over unused data and transfer data to subscribers on the same network as them.

“The requirement to roll over and transfer data hopefully addresses the expiry issue,” said ICASA.

The regulator did not state for how long the rollover data should be valid, as it did not wish to stifle innovation with strict regulations.

Afrihost data rollover

An Afrihost spokesperson confirmed to MyBroadband that its Rain fixed-LTE packages now offer one month of data rollover.

“We have implemented rollover on month-to-month data, which rolls over into the following month. Top-ups remain active for a full 30 days as before.”

Afrihost believes that Rain implemented this policy to align with the new regulations published by ICASA.

“The data is now allocated as valid for the current month and the full following month,” said Afrihost.

“So if you sign up for data on any day in July, your data is valid until 31 August.”

Afrihost also offers rollover data on a number of its other products, including mobile and fixed broadband packages.

The ISP also plans to review its product offerings in light of the new regulations published by ICASA.

“We already roll over DSL capped data and top-ups on mobile, capped DSL, and capped fibre – we have been doing so for quite some time. However, we are reviewing our other products in light of the regulatory change for compliance.”

Thanks to Spaj and SlowInternet for reporting the data rollover on Rain fixed-LTE.

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Afrihost implements data rollover on Rain LTE