MyBroadband flooded with complaints about Telkom line cancellations

Following the publication of an article regarding issues with Telkom’s line cancellation process, MyBroadband has been flooded with complaints about the problem.

MyBroadband’s coverage of the line cancellation problems encompassed a large collection of reports both online and directly sent to us, with many customers experiencing issues with landline and ADSL lines.

Many users have waited for more than six months for their cancellations to be processed by Telkom, and in certain cases the network provider continues to bill customers until the line is officially cancelled.

Upon requesting the cancellation of their line through one of the official avenues, customers state that their orders are often not processed or responded to.

Telkom told MyBroadband it is aware of these issues, which were reportedly caused by a systems issue earlier in the year.

“We are working to resolve these issues and apologise to any customers who may have been affected,” said Telkom.

Delays and credit problems

While Telkom is working to fix its problems, an increasing number of customers have complained to MyBroadband about their lack of resolution when it comes to line cancellations.

According to user feedback, the frustration also does not end even if the cancellation is processed.

Users have to fight for the reversal of all charges paid throughout the period the cancellation was being processed, or to mitigate the fallout of not paying their Telkom bill during the process.

Certain users who contacted MyBroadband said they had Telkom payment defaults listed on their credit records due to “nonpayment” of their account while they were attempting to cancel it.

In another case, one user received confirmation of their Telkom ADSL line cancellation in March 2018 – as of August 2018, they continue to receive invoices.

This customer said the account debacle has significantly impacted them as they are in the process of buying a new home.

The listings of non-payments of accounts have also reportedly required users to file applications to the Credit Ombud to dispute the matter.

One user stated that Telkom had listed their defaulted payments with a credit bureau after just two months of non-payment on their account – all while they attempted to cancel their line.

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MyBroadband flooded with complaints about Telkom line cancellations