What to do when Telkom won’t cancel your line

Many Telkom customers have stated they are unable to cancel their ADSL or landline services through official channels, and continue to be billed for the services.

This includes trying to cancel through Telkom’s online portal, physical stores, and call centres.

A common reported response from Telkom staff is that the cancellation request will be escalated or sent to another department, but this seems to have little effect on moving the cancellation forward.

Many customers told MyBroadband they have tried to cancel their Telkom ADSL lines for over six months with no result, and the service provider continues to bill them or debit their bank account.

This has resulted in certain customers’ outstanding debt payments being listed with credit bureaus.

What to do

MyBroadband asked Telkom what steps customers should take to cancel their product if none of the normal channels worked.

We also asked if there was a specific department or contact which consumers could use to hasten their cancellation process and move it forward.

Telkom told MyBroadband that customers who encountered issues cancelling their services can contact the national customer care channel via the following methods:

The company added that customers should also use the online service cancellation process outlined in this document on the Telkom website.

Telkom did not state whether there was a specific department or online portal which users with cancellation issues can use, apart from the standard customer care and online cancellation platforms.

While these platforms listed by Telkom can result in a successful cancellation, many reports of cancellation issues sent to MyBroadband are from users who have attempted to cancel their services through both online and telephonic channels.

Telkom previously told MyBroadband it was aware of problems with customers cancelling their services, and it was working to fix the problem.

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What to do when Telkom won’t cancel your line