South African big city speed shootout – Joburg vs Cape Town

MyBroadband’s Q3 2018 broadband speed test results show that Johannesburg is the South African city with the highest average broadband speed.

The research further reveals that Gauteng enjoys the best broadband speeds, while the Northern Cape has the worst performance.

MyBroadband’s Q3 2018 speed test report is based on 676,220 speed tests performed on MyBroadband’s speed test platform between 1 July and 30 September 2018.

MyBroadband’s speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres to ensure a neutral testing environment.

The speed tests include fixed-line, wireless, and mobile connections from ISPs, which means the results are representative of multiple technologies.

According to the Q3 2018 statistics, the average download speed in South Africa was 15.35Mbps, while the average upload speed was 11.09Mbps.

Big city ranking

MyBroadband’s Q3 2018 speed test report shows that Johannesburg is the top large city, followed by Cape Town, Pretoria, then Durban.

Average Broadband Speeds
City Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Latency (ms)
Johannesburg 22.176 16.345 37
Cape Town 18.022 11.371 41
Pretoria 16.660 9.519 46
Durban 13.552 7.392 57

Province ranking

The report reveals that Gauteng and the Western Cape have big advantages over other provinces in South Africa.

Average Broadband Speed
Province Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Latency (ms)
Gauteng 19.635 13.563 40
Western Cape 16.276 10.247 42
KwaZulu-Natal 12.278 6.853 57
North West 11.945 8.516 43
Eastern Cape 9.901 4.738 63
Limpopo 8.660 6.155 46
Free State 8.649 5.544 52
Mpumalanga 7.465 5.561 51
Northern Cape 6.417 3.416 63

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South African big city speed shootout – Joburg vs Cape Town