Big improvement in broadband prices in South Africa has released its second annual worldwide broadband price comparison, where South Africa was ranked 93 out of 195 countries on the average price of broadband in the country.

This is a significant improvement on last year’s results. According to the data, the average price of broadband came down by around R51, improving South Africa’s rank by 9 places.

Based on these results, South Africa now outranks countries like Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands. It also continued to outrank the United States and New Zealand.

It should be noted that for the purposes of this comparison, used the rand-dollar exchange rate on 28 September, which was around R14.16 per USD. It does not take into account purchasing power or average earnings in the countries ranked.

The average price of broadband

The report also only looks at fixed-line broadband packages including ADSL or fibre.

“4G, WiMAX, satellite, and other wireless technologies were excluded from the study to avoid apples to oranges comparisons,” it said.

To calculate the average price of broadband in countries, researchers first established the fixed-line providers in each country. From there they selected one package from each speed offered.

Only consumer broadband packages were compared, and were only included if the package was exclusively a broadband product, or a broadband and phone line service. Deals which included pay-TV or other add-ons were avoided.

Where add-ons were offered, or where there was price differentiation across different regions in a country, the cheapest package at each speed level was recorded.

Using this methodology, the researchers recorded 36 individual packages for South Africa, which yielded an average price of R782.19 per month. On average, South Africans pay R49.42 per megabit per second (Mbps).

Creating the rankings

The report noted that there are four ways to sort its data, each answering a different question: by average price, by the cheapest package, by the most expensive package, and by average price for the speed you get.

South Africa’s ranking for each of these methods are (out of 195):

  • Average: 93
  • Cheapest: 35
  • Most expensive: 123
  • Price per Mbps: 99

Sub-Saharan Africa

It also found that although Sub-Saharan Africa contains 31 countries which could qualify for its rankings, many do not have sufficient fixed-line broadband packages to be included.

Those excluded were: Central African Republic, Western Sahara, Eritrea, Gambia, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, and more.

Of the countries which were included, most were in the bottom 50% of the table. Sub-Saharan Africa also has the highest proportion of countries which fall within the 10% of most expensive fixed-line broadband prices in the world.

Among the 10 most expensive countries in the world were Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Namibia, and Mauritania. Mali was the 11th most expensive.

Cable worldwide broadband price league

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Big improvement in broadband prices in South Africa