The man who was a “Telkom” customer since 1957 – Here’s why he cancelled

MyBroadband has continued to receive reports from Telkom customers about billing issues and account cancellation problems.

One of the reports which stood out was from a long-time Telkom customer who had decided to cancel his account.

This MyBroadband reader was a phone line customer since August 1957, and officially cancelled his account after 59 years in October 2016 – due to issues with the company’s customer service.

Billing issues and SMS

The customer’s main issues with Telkom began in February 2015, when he said he waited three weeks for the company to fix a cable connection outside his house.

He also took umbrage with the additional repair expenses charged by the company for fixing the cable due to the connector box being inside his property.

In an attempt to move his issue forward with Telkom’s customer support, he stopped paying his landline bill and wrote an email to the company’s care centre – but to no avail.

Following this, the customer went to a Telkom store and, unable to find a resolution with the staff, filed to cancel his account.

This process took longer than expected and he continued to be billed, forcing him to file for cancellation again and pay for the account up to January 2016, finally receiving a final statement in October that year.

After this however, the customer began to receive SMS messages from an attorney’s office requesting he pay the exact amount he settled his Telkom account for.

These messages occured on a daily basis for some time, and the ex-Telkom customer continued to receive SMSs regularly despite cancelling his account.

The content of the latest messages from the attorneys is below:

We have noted that you have stopped paying ur Telkom acc. Call (011) [Redacted] to make suitable payment arrangements. Acc:[Redacted]

The customer said he checked the status of his account with Telkom and received confirmation that it was successfully closed, however.

Despite this, he continued to receive these SMSs on a daily basis up to the point when he contacted MyBroadband and shared his story.

History with Telkom

The customer opened his first phone line account in 1957, when he had a standard landline installed in his house. At the time, telephone services were operated by the South African Post Office.

Telkom was later founded in 1991.

His said first phone number at his home in Pretoria was only five digits, but over the years he moved and changed his landline number once in 1974.

He reportedly received a faultless experience from 1957 until 2000, after which things began to change.

He said the increasing frequency of connection interruptions resulted in him moving off broadband via his copper line and he switched to a wireless provider.

This left the Telkom line to function solely as a landline for phone calls.

After moving to iBurst in 2008 and then to Telkom Mobile in 2016, he switched to a Cell C mobile connection for Internet access.

The customer said he has noticed a steady decline in Telkom’s customer service since 2000, which ultimately resulted in him cancelling his landline in 2016.

He said other contributing factors which caused him to cancel his Telkom line include the availability of mobile phones, high landline costs despite low usage, and bad repair and maintenance services.

While this customer’s cancellation has been processed and resolved, MyBroadband reached out to Telkom to determine its relationship with the attorneys which sent out the SMSs. Telkom did not provide comment by the time of publication.

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The man who was a “Telkom” customer since 1957 – Here’s why he cancelled