The biggest bandwidth hogs on Vox, Cybersmart, and Webafrica

Thanks to the increasing affordability of fibre-to-the-home services, South Africans are using more data than ever before.

Fibre offers peak download speeds of up to 1Gbps, allowing for some seriously impressive data usage over shorter-than-ever time periods.

These speeds, along with the availability of content with high bandwidth demands, such as 4K video and video games, have greatly driven data consumption around the world.

To see what usage is taking place, MyBroadband asked major ISPs in South Africa for statistics on their biggest data users in 2018.

These figures showed that a number of users exceeded 10TB in monthly data usage over standard 100Mbps and 200Mbps fibre connections.

We asked local ISPs to only include monthly data usage figures for consumer clients, omitting enterprise customers from the comparison.

Biggest monthly data users

Webafrica, Vox, and Cybersmart responded to queries regarding the highest peak monthly data usage on their networks, with other ISPs failing to respond by the time of publication.

It should be noted that all of Cybersmart’s biggest monthly data users are on the company’s own Lightspeed 500Mbps connection, which allows customers to configure their download and upload speed ratios.

The table below provides an overview of the biggest “bandwidth hogs” in South Africa in 2018 on Webafrica, Cybersmart, and Vox, based on peak monthly usage.

Biggest Data Users in South Africa
ISP Connection Monthly Data Usage
Vox Frogfoot 100/50Mbps 16.6TB
Vox Vumatel 200/200Mbps 16.1TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 12.2TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 12.0TB
Vox TT Connect 100/100Mbps 10.0TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 4.5TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 4.5TB
Webafrica Openserve 200/100Mbps 3.5TB
Webafrica Openserve 200/100Mbps 3.0TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 2.9TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 2.5TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 2.4TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 1.9TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 1.7TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 1.7TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 1.6TB
Webafrica Vumatel 200/200Mbps 1.5TB
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 1.5TB
Webafrica Vumatel 200/200Mbps 1.4TB

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The biggest bandwidth hogs on Vox, Cybersmart, and Webafrica