2 graphs which show the broadband tech winners and losers

Point Topic has released its global fixed broadband take-up forecasts by technology report, which sheds light on the market share of popular broadband access technologies.

This research features current and historical data as well as forecasts of broadband take-up – looking at DSL, FTTH/P/B, FTTC/VDSL, Cable, and other technologies.

The report looks at the breakdown of these technologies for the period between Q3 2018 and Q4 2025.

Point Topic’s forecasts predict that at the end of 2025 there will be 1.2 billion fixed broadband subscribers worldwide.

It predicts that some variant of fibre will be used by 59% of fixed broadband subscribers globally, compared to 48% currently.

In the same period, the share of ADSL subscriptions will drop from 19% to 9%, while the shares of cable and FTTC/VDSL connections will remain largely stable at 19% and 12% respectively.

“Legacy copper networks have been losing customers to more advanced technologies for years,” Point Topic said.

“It looks like direct fibre networks will attract the majority of new customers, with DSL figures forecast to drop to hundreds or tens of thousands.”

Market share

The two graphs below provide an overview of how broadband technology market shares are expected to change over the next few years.

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2 graphs which show the broadband tech winners and losers