Use the Telkom Customer Portal to track data usage – Not SAIX

Several Telkom users have reported to MyBroadband that there is a discrepancy of late when it comes to their broadband data usage.

The users stated that when they access the Telkom Customer Portal to monitor their data usage, they are shown a certain figure.

When they access their usage statistics via the SAIX portal, however, they are shown a different figure.

SAIX is the “South African Internet Exchange” and is operated by Openserve, providing “raw Internet connectivity to Internet service providers and licensed operators”.

The first case was reported by a user with a 4Mbps uncapped ADSL account, who noticed a difference in usage statistics between the two portals.

Several other users then checked their account usage on the two portals, and more discrepancies were noted.

In one case, a Telkom user reported the following statistics for his monthly usage:

  • Telkom Customer Portal – 972GB
  • SAIX Portal – 726GB


The concern for the users was that their fair usage policies kick in based on how much data they use in a month, and if the Telkom Customer Portal was over-reporting usage figures then throttling or shaping – as per the fair usage policy limits – would kick in.

If the SAIX portal usage figures were the correct stats, then in certain cases fair usage limits had not been reached by users.

MyBroadband contacted Telkom about the matter, and the company acknowledged it had identified a mismatch in reported figures.

“The Telkom Customer Portal is the main source of Telkom ISP customer usage data. We encourage our customers to utilise it as a main source of their usage data and all the other ISP services offered in managing their account,” said Telkom.

“We have identified the misalignment with information published on the SAIX usage page and the Telkom Customer Portal and we are busy investigating the root cause.”

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Use the Telkom Customer Portal to track data usage – Not SAIX