Telkom usage portal horribly inaccurate – Users

Multiple Telkom users have contacted MyBroadband to report grossly inaccurate usage figures in the Telkom Customer Portal.

The reports come after users previously pointed out that there were discrepancies when it came to their broadband data usage.

The users stated that when they accessed the Telkom Customer Portal to monitor their data usage, they are shown a certain figure.

When they access their usage statistics via the SAIX portal, however, they are shown a different figure.

In one case, a Telkom uncapped user reported the following statistics for his monthly usage:

  • Telkom Customer Portal – 972GB
  • SAIX Portal – 726GB

The concern for the users was that their fair usage policies kick in based on how much data they use in a month.

At the time, Telkom said that its Customer Portal is the main source of Telkom ISP customer usage data and customers must use it as their reference point.

Usage figure problems

Following the report, several MyBroadband readers started tracking their data usage using router-based systems. These Telkom customers also calculated the theoretical maximum throughput of their connections and how much they would be able to consume over a certain period.

The results showed grossly inaccurate usage figures on the usage portal, with over-reporting of data usage for Telkom uncapped customers.

In one example, a customer on a 4Mbps ADSL line with an uncapped account was shown that he consumed 45.62GB over a 17-hour period.

Even taking into account the line syncing at above 4Mbps and that full throughput was achievable, it was not possible to consume this much data over the period, he said.

A quick calculation showed that if perfect throughput was available for 17 hours with the line syncing at 5Mbps – well above the account speed – the maximum amount of data which could be downloaded was just over 37GB.

In a separate report, a user stated that he reached level 2 of his FUP two days into the month – with 291GB used. The client said he was on a 4Mbps uncapped package.

Several users added that when they contacted Telkom via social media for assistance with incorrect usage numbers, their fair usage limits were reset.

Telkom was asked for comment on the matter and acknowledged our questions, but it did not provide feedback by the time of publication.

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Telkom usage portal horribly inaccurate – Users