Unhappy with your broadband service or ISP?

MyBroadband conducted their latest broadband survey in July, asking users to rate their broadband provider and ADSL Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The survey was completed by 3,072 respondents of which 1,811 were ADSL users, 1,032 were mobile broadband users, and the rest were fixed wireless subscribers.

As part of the survey broadband users were asked whether they are “actively looking for a new broadband service?”.

The percentage of positive (Yes) answers to this question gives an indication of the overall happiness with the service and whether a company can expect a high churn rate in future.

According to the survey results the lowest percentage of subscribers looking for a new service comes from 8ta, followed by 1Mbps and 4Mbps ADSL subscribers.

The results further revealed that more than half of Neotel’s NeoConnect and NeoFlex subscribers are actively looking for a new broadband service.

The table below shows the percentage of users from the various broadband offerings who are actively looking for a different broadband service (lower is better).

Broadband Service Looking for new service (%)
8ta HSPA 11
ADSL 1 Mbps 16
ADSL 4 Mbps 18
Cell C HSPA 18
ADSL 10 Mbps 21
ADSL 384 Kbps 35
iBurst Wireless 37
Telkom WiMax 44
Vodacom HSPA 46
Neotel NeoFlex 50
Neotel NeoConnect 55

To find out how happy people are with their current ADSL service provider and whether they are looking to migrate, all ADSL users were asked “Are you looking to move to a new ADSL ISP?”.

Here Web Africa’s subscribers seem the most content with only 10% of users saying they are looking to move to a new ISP, followed by Afrihost and Openweb.

ISP Looking for new ISP (%)
Web Africa 10
Afrihost 14
Openweb 15
Internet Solutions 20
Cybersmart 26
Telkom Internet 28
Axxess 35

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Unhappy with your broadband service or ISP?