ISP rankings – Best and worst ADSL and fibre providers in South Africa

MyBroadband’s Q1 2019 speed test and mobile app results have revealed that Cool Ideas and Supersonic are the best ISPs in South Africa – while Telkom and MWEB are the worst providers.

The Q1 2019 South African fixed-broadband report is based on two data sets:

After a user performs a speed test on MyBroadband’s web-based speed test or mobile app, they can rate their ISP.

These customer satisfaction ratings are then used to rank South Africa’s ISPs, with an equal weight given to the mobile app and web-based results.

Neutral testing environment

MyBroadband’s HTML5 speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres to ensure a neutral testing environment.

MyBroadband has speed test servers at NAPAfrica’s peering points in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Through NAPAfrica, all network operators present at its peering points are provided with a free 10Gbps connection to the MyBroadband speed test platform.

This testing platform means that there is an equal playing field which accurately measures Internet speed, rather than on-net speed which is the case with other speed test services.

Speed test results

The table below provides an overview of the average speeds which were recorded by the subscribers of South Africa’s prominent ISPs.

These results should not be interpreted as an indication of network quality, but rather as an overview of the connectivity profile of an ISP’s subscribers.

Average Speed
ISP Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps) Latency (ms)
Cool Ideas 26.662 21.314 26
Supersonic 23.377 19.679 23
Home-Connect 22.301 19.334 44
Vodacom 15.964 10.347 62
Cell C 15.946 12.196 76
Vox 15.890 9.950 68
MTN 15.561 9.893 80
Cybersmart 14.951 11.454 59
Rain 11.733 6.262 92
Internet Solutions 11.617 8.798 82
Afrihost 8.615 4.123 82
Axxess 8.493 4.140 80
Telkom 7.447 2.360 100
MWEB 6.666 2.420 91

Best and worst ISPs in South Africa

The table below ranks South Africa’s prominent ISPs based on the average ratings received through MyBroadband’s web-based speed test and mobile app.

It is interesting to note that prominent fibre ISPs – Cool Ideas, Supersonic, and Home-Connect – top both the speed ranking and customer satisfaction ratings.

ISP Ratings
ISP Average Rating
Cool Ideas 4.46
Supersonic 4.35
Home-Connect 4.33
Cybersmart 4.30
Vox 4.02
MTN 4.00
Axxess 3.73
Afrihost 3.63
Cell C 3.53
Vodacom 3.48
Rain 3.46
Internet Solutions 3.18
MWEB 3.03
Telkom 2.60

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ISP rankings – Best and worst ADSL and fibre providers in South Africa