Cybersmart’s secret to success

When Telkom announced that it would discontinue its ADSL and VDSL products and move these clients to other technologies, Cybersmart founder Laurie Fialkov was not concerned.

The reason, Fialkov told MyBroadband, is that Cybersmart has very loyal customers who will follow the company’s lead on what to do regarding the migration.

Fialkov said their first-ever ADSL customer, smarta1, is still with the company many years after first signing up.

“We are lucky to have very loyal customers, something I am forever grateful for. It is very rare that a customer will just leave without giving us an opportunity to match price or change the service,” he said.

Creating loyal customers

Fialkov said the secret to Cybersmart’s success and creating loyal subscribers is honesty. “We are always 100% honest with our customers,” said.

“If we make a mistake and it impacts our service, we always acknowledge that error immediately and we tell them what we have put in place to mitigate that happening again.”

This honesty has resulted in a very high level of trust between Cybersmart and its customers.

This trust means an unexpected move, like having to migrate subscribers from ADSL to another technology, does not really impact them.

“It would have an impact on Telkom should we recommend they migrate to another technology with another infrastructure provider,” he said.

Moving from Telkom ADSL to another technology

Fialkov explained that Telkom’s implementation of ADSL, fibre and fixed-LTE is nearly identical – the only difference is the delivery mechanism of the last mile.

“You can take an ADSL username and password, put it in a fibre router, and the service will still work,” he said.

The reason is that the service in all three cases – ADSL, fibre and fixed-LTE – goes over Telkom’s IP Connect (IPC) platform.

This means any access technology can be used to deliver a broadband service through Telkom to consumers, where the customer experience will depend on the ISP’s IPC capacity.

“Our IPC is very undersold, and our bandwidth is not shaped at all. This means our ADSL experience is great, and it will continue to be great over other access technologies,” said Fialkov.

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Cybersmart’s secret to success