ADSL versus fibre and fixed-LTE – Pricing and speed

Telkom is planning to shut down its copper network in the next few years, and it has already started to migrate DSL subscribers to fibre and fixed-LTE.

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko told MyBroadband in May that the company developed a roadmap concerning the proactive migration of customers to newer infrastructure.

The operator has already discontinued its copper-based fixed line prepaid service and is now migrating postpaid fixed copper-based voice and DSL customers to fibre and wireless.

Telkom said its customers have responded well to the SmartVoice, SmartBroadband Wireless, and Unlimited Home fibre offerings.

The company added that this migration supports its overall strategic objective to decommission and replace its legacy copper technology.

Migrating ADSL subscribers

In areas where there is fibre coverage, ADSL and VDSL subscribers will be migrated to capped and uncapped fibre packages.

Telkom CVM Managing Executive Bertus van der Vyver told MyBroadband that they want to complete this copper-to-fibre migration by the end of September.

The most difficult segment of customers to migrate is users who have DSL connections but do not live in an area covered by any fibre network.

Telkom will offer these customers LTE deals which deliver similar functionality to their DSL connections.

“We have created a few price points and benefits for the capped customers. They can often move over to LTE and get unlimited speeds at the same cap level,” van der Vyver said.

He added that uncapped DSL customers are more difficult to cater for. However, Telkom tailored LTE solutions which mirror their current services.

ADSL versus fibre and fixed-LTE

With many ADSL and VDSL subscribers affected by Telkom’s plans to discontinue its copper-based products, it raises the question of what is on offer from ISPs.

The table below shows how the price of similar DSL, fibre, and fixed-LTE products compare. Axxess was used because of their wide range of DSL, fibre, and fixed-LTE packages.

Capped Broadband Pricing Comparison
ISP Service Average Speed Anytime Data Total Monthly Price
Axxess Telkom LTE 20Mbps 20GB R199
Axxess Telkom DSL 10Mbps 20GB R645
Axxess Telkom LTE 20Mbps 40GB R299
Axxess Telkom LTE 20Mbps 60GB R399
Axxess Openserve Fibre 10Mbps 50GB R545
Axxess Telkom DSL 10Mbps 50GB R675
Axxess Telkom LTE 20Mbps 80GB R499
Axxess Telkom LTE 20Mbps 120GB R699
Axxess Openserve Fibre 20Mbps 100GB R739
Axxess Telkom DSL 20Mbps 100GB R745
Axxess Telkom DSL 40Mbps 200GB R945
Axxess Openserve Fibre 40Mbps 200GB R969
Axxess Telkom LTE 20Mbps 220GB R999

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ADSL versus fibre and fixed-LTE – Pricing and speed