Telkom cuts off ADSL customer with no LTE or fibre

A Telkom customer from Centurion recently reached out to MyBroadband after Telkom informed him that it would suspend his ADSL connection.

This follows Telkom announcing it would gradually phase out its copper infrastructure.

The company said one reason it is cutting DSL services is that LTE and fibre offer superior reliability to copper-based connectivity, which is highly susceptible to theft and bad weather.

Where ADSL or VDSL customers already have fibre coverage, Telkom is in the process of migrating them to fibre. If no fibre is available in the customer’s area, an LTE solution will be offered.

ADSL customer complains

According to the customer, Telkom informed him that it would suspend his ADSL connection despite him stating there was no LTE or fibre infrastructure in his area.

The customer said he has been a Telkom client for 19 years and owns a small backpacker’s business which requires an Internet connection to function properly.

Two weeks before this customer contacted MyBroadband, a Telkom consultant had called to inform him that his account would be moved to an alternative broadband solution.

Upon further discussion, however, the consultant and customer established that there were no fibre or LTE options available in his area.

No fibre or LTE available

The Telkom coverage map showed that the only fixed-broadband service offered by Telkom in the area is DSL.

The Telkom consultant, however, stated that the only alternative was a satellite Internet solution which the customer said was too expensive.

After repeated attempts to reach out to Telkom via its call centre, Facebook, and even visiting a physical store, the customer had made no progress with consultants on the problem.

Despite the lack of LTE and fibre in his area, Telkom proceeded to suspend the customer’s ADSL and landline connections on 27 September.

After the customer placed several calls to Telkom’s call centre, the customer’s landline was restored on 2 October. However, the ADSL connection was still disabled.

Telkom responds

MyBroadband contacted Telkom about this issue on 7 October.

As of 10 October, the customer’s ADSL connection has been restored, and Telkom told the customer that it would upgrade his connection as soon as LTE or fibre was available in his area.

The company gave no explanation about why the customer’s line had been disconnected for the last two weeks.

Telkom did not provide comment by the time of publication.

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Telkom cuts off ADSL customer with no LTE or fibre